Sleeping Beauty Moment – Expression

Project365 Laylas Long eyelashes

Theres something just so peaceful and special watching your child Sleep.

Layla loves her Daytime Naps and i love how i get to squish her (obviously not too hard hehe), brush noses and stroke the few small roots of hair that she does have 🙂 In that moment when everything is silent, you realise just how lucky you are to have this little Princess in your life.

Then when shes awake, you get this:

Layla at the Seaside

Such a cheeky, mischievous Smiley Little Girl 🙂

I love watching her Expressions!

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty Moment – Expression

  1. Actually Mummy...

    Oh goodness I thought the sleepy face was beautiful but now I see her awake and she’s even better! Lovely girl. Thanks for joining in with #Expressions x

  2. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    When I watch my son sleep I get lost in time. That ivebeen doing it for long and I didnt notice. Theres something peaceful in their faces when they are asleep. I love your photos. Her eyes are really nice and exprssive and those lashes! #expressions


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