An After School Trip to a Misty Seaside

hartlepool docks
Urghhh this weather is sooo depressing!. We had a few days of glorious sunshine and i made the most of it by planting some bulbs and tidying the garden up from the horrendous winter we had… But then in true Great British style the horrible weather returned with a vengeance, as if to say “HAHA ย fooled you!” ๐Ÿ™

Were sick and fed up of it, so we decided to try and enjoy it by having an adventure along the Docks and Seaside even if it was dark, misty and very cold.

Reflection in the Puddle
Since Lee bought me my very own DSLR Camera, ive took thousands of pictures from all sorts of angles to learn how to use it etc… afterall practice makes perfect. Heres my Boys Reflection in a puddle along the trek, there were actually stood at the opposite side and ive rotated the image ๐Ÿ™‚

Hartlepool Marina Docks
Heres the Entrance/Exit to the Docks on the right, the water was so still it looked like a milk pond… It kind of felt abit eerie as it was sooo calm, misty and silent! as though the calm before the storm.

The boys and daddy infront of the sea
Down by the sea front, there is this HUGE concrete block, thats a great fishing spot!. The boys and Daddy climbed down to have a look to see if anything had been washed up in the rocks. They did find a crab, but no pictures of this as i was deffo not climbing down there.

Daulton infront of the sea
Heres Daulton my oldest peeping over the Sea wall and to have abit of a giggle at Daddy because he got stuck and couldnt get back over the wall. He did get back over, but had to walk to the next set of steps haha, that will teach him.

Ashton infront of the sea
Ashton was Peeping over the wall also and i got this gorgeous photo of him! Love it

Layla at the Seaside
Layla is a Poser as you can tell, she enjoys watching the boys play in front of her, but you can tell she would much rather run alongside them… It wont be long untill she is :/

Hartlepool Marina Rustic Steps
Along the way i spotted these very old Rustic, green slimed up steps to nowhere…. They must of served a purpose at some point, i wonder what though??? either way i love the colours!

hartlepool marina monkey

In the middle of the marina after the lock gates from the docks, we have a Monkey sitting up high and Proud. We are known (not us specifically but our town) as Monkey Hangers. So hence the monkey, simply chuck a coin in his bowl and make a wish… I cant say hes been lucky for us yet, but its fun to try and get your coin in… The boys both got theirs in.

Anyways after about 2 hours of having a stroll around, we walked back and went home. The kids were Knackered and crashed out ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you been on an Adventure Recently?

2 thoughts on “An After School Trip to a Misty Seaside

  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    The weather is a bit gloomy but your childrens smile brighten the day! Photo looks amazing with them in it =) #pocolo


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