Review: Snuzpod Bedside Crib by The Green Sheep Co RRP: £199.99

The Snuzpod Bedside Crib by the Green sheep Company – Natural £199.99 Review


So with the imminent arrival of our 4th child pending, I’ve learnt a whats needed and whats just totally not.

Ive always gone ahead and bought a moses basket for my babies, but there so tiny and my babies seem to be born looking like miniature giants (9lbers and 23″ in length, i don’t know how I’m tiny! haha) anyways, moses baskets just don’t last very long! i usually get around 3 months out of them and considering how much there cost, around £50-£100 depending on the brand, i was fairly confident that there had to be a better option available to me out there.

I was due to have my 4th C-section with this baby and also pretty determined to breastfeed again, so i needed something that i could securely attach to the side of my bed so that i could easily lift out my baby to feed and pop them straight back in there, knowing there nice and safe and also less for me to strain getting up and and down.


After a little look on the internet i quickly came across The Snuzpod by the Green Sheep company and it ticked all my boxes! i was instantly sold and bought it there and then.

It arrived flat packed, but more or less pre-assembled, if you have tackled Ikea furniture then this is an absolute breeze, 30minutes of so and it was built!, it has various heights on the base that you can have so it allows the Crib to be at the perfect height to your bed.


There is a zip drop down mesh side panel, which i loved, as compared to a moses basket by your bedside its hard to see through, so if my baby would murmur i would constantly have to sit up and lean over… and when you’ve had a C-section thats pretty rough going. The Snuzpod is great as you can see through the mesh really easily, so no need to get up.


The top and base detach from each other, which i found came in very useful, especially when i went in the bath. It was too heavy for me to carry downstairs, but for when i wanted to go in the bath i could easily carry it in there and Teo would sleep soundly.

We got to 8 months using the Snuzpod until we moved to the Cotbed, which i would never of got with a Moses basket!… It has been money well spent, (although not cheap at £199.99) i could easily soothe Teo if he woke up, and it made feeding him super easy! I would Highly recommend this to any Parents to be!


Are you thinking of Purchasing one??? You can click on the photo below for more info:



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