REVIEW: JML Ruggies Rug Grippers – No Mess!

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review
This is a Review about the Ruggies Rug Grippers. Having just built our Porch, we decided to put Laminate Wood flooring down as its more durable and easy to keep clean. I added a Mat in there and of course its been everywhere but where i initially put it!
I seen the Ruggies Rug Grippers advertised on the TV and so when i was doing our weekly food shop in Morrisons i just had to pick some up.

In the Box you get 8x Ruggies Rug Grippers for £9.99, there’s enough to secure 2 rugs! Which is fab as one set ive used in the Porch and another for in the conservatory as that flooring is Ceramic Tiles. There is also 8x Extra Sticky strength pads to use on the smooth side of the Ruggies Rug Grippers, if your rug has a uneven underside.

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review textured side

The Ruggies Rug Grippers are made from a sticky rubbery material and there reusable by just washing them in water and once dry there sticky again! fantastic durability and will last forever!

The Ruggies have 2x different sides, this is the bobbly side that sticks to the floor.

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review Smooth side

This is the smooth side and you stick this bit onto the rug first, then give it a good rub to make sure its stuck firmly down.

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review Stick it down

Once its firmly stuck down, then you remove the clear plastic…

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review stick to floor

Then stick the Rug down where you want and rub it over to make sure its stuck.

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review stuck down

Ta Da!!! Stuck down rug that you can actually go over with the hoover and it doesn’t move! I absolutely Love them. There’s no mess as its just like a sticky jelly like rubber lol

To be honest i could of done with these years ago! nothing worse than rugs moving about allover the place.

Better late than never 🙂

(Disclosure: We purchased these Ruggies Rug Grippers ourselves, all opinions and words are our own)

10 thoughts on “REVIEW: JML Ruggies Rug Grippers – No Mess!

  1. Jo & Bump! (@carsonsmummy)

    these would have been so handy in our last home – laminate flooring and rugs sooo dont go well together do they! #triedtested

  2. Sarah

    We’ve tried all sorts to of rug gripper type products before but nothing has worked – we have carpet though, do these only work on laminate and tiles?

    1. Leanne

      They not too good on carpet though 🙁 as there pick up all the fibres, then loose the stickiness untill you wash them again 🙁

  3. Zena's Suitcase

    These sound great, I think I should have got some along time ago. I’ll have to give them ago, our rugs have slipped one too many times

  4. Colette B

    I’m SO glad you’ve reviewed these! I was wondering if they were any good!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. Margaret V

    I bought these too and the gel pads are great, they really stay put, and when washed are as good as new. My problem was that they wouldn’t stick to my rug, which has a woven back. So onto plan B and use the extra sticky backing for the pads. The pads really stick to them however the sticky backing doesn’t stick to the rug. My dog still managed to move the rug although the pads along with their backing remained firmly in place. I’m going to give duck tape a try and see if that will work with the pads.

    1. Leanne Post author

      Oh no thats a shame about them not sticking to rug…. Ive used mine on a rubber backed hard coarse mat and then onto Laminate flooring so it sticks really well… fingers crossed the duct tape works x


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