I think were just soo shocked!!… We were sat in the waitingroom for ages well 30 mins lol… but we never mutted a word!!, my hands were sweating like hell…
then i got in the room, which thank god was the different scan room to the last time i was there!!.. i laid down and my heart was just jumping out of my chest, i told lee and the sonographer was awwww, you had any problems this pregnancy and i was like no… so she smiled which helped alot! she was lovely and straight away we found baby,  i was screening the screen for the flicker (heartbeat) and instantly saw it!!! then i just started crying! haha, she checked everywhere to make sure there was just one etc… she said the baby is on the top with yolk sac underneath… I was just stunned! after trying for 3 years and having 3 losses, finally there on the scan was my ickle baby well blob lol with a heartbeat!… i still feel in shock..
But im sooo glad i had the scan, because now i know that i have a growing healthy baby!! so any doubts or worries of a Blighted Ovum have totally gone and any worry of having blood in my uterus is gone also , Happy days lol x

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