Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014

So week 20 is upon us! Each week im always shocked by how far were already into 2014 when it only feels like yesterday it was Christmas! Where does the time go?

But im not complaining! haha, the summer is here (Hallelujah!) So roll on sitting out in the Garden enjoying a few glasses (or bottles lol) of wine hehe it has to be done though?

Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014

11.05.14 Project365 week20 the boys are enjoying playing in the conservatory
11.05.14 – We inherited some Sofas from my Granda as hes moved in with my Mum, so we have put those in the Living room and put ours in the Conservatory and so the boys were straight in there playing on their xbox! It got a thumbs up and YAY we have got our TV back even if it is just to watch Cbeebies :/ lol

12.05.14 Project365 week20 Ashton building Lego from the daily mail
12.05.14 – All last week the Daily Mail was giving away FREE Lego with each Newspaper that was purchased. Last year we had to build the Lego as the boys found it hard to follow the instructions, but this year Ashton whos 6 now has mastered it!!!

13.05.14 Project365 week20 We got a Greenhouse
13.05.14 – Each week i take part in Annies How Does your Garden Grow? Link from Mammasurus and so ive been snapping away at some of the flowers in the Garden. This has inspired Daulton our oldest son to take a rather keen interest in the garden, so one day he asked for a Greenhouse! How could i refuse?

14.05.14 Project365 week20 the night sky taken from a NikonD3100
14.05.14 – Believe it or not this picture was taken at night about 11pm so the sky was totally black!. There was a program on TV about the night sky and taking pictures, so i tried my hand at it… But i think i would of got a much better picture if i was in the middle of nowhere, rather than my back garden.

15.05.14 Project365 week20 layla playing in the garden
15.05.14 – This is Laylas 2nd favourite place (the 1st is the Bath)… She absolutely loves the garden! we really need to get her some garden toys.

16.05.14 Project365 week 20 Layla colouring in
16.05.14 – Laylas first doodle!.. ive often gave her a pen, pencil, crayon, chalk etc to hold and today was the 1st time she actually put the chalk to the paper and doodled 🙂

17.05.14 Project365 weeks20 Laylas first bump
17.05.14 – Layla accidentally climbed out of her Cotbed and fell on the floor this morning!!! Cue mammy and daddy feeling sick to the stomache at the realization of whats just happened 🙁 So here she is spotting a lovely shiner on her head, she doesnt seem fazed :/

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