Project365 – Week16 – 13th-19th April

This Week has been somewhat a little busy compared to recent weeks!!!.. We had a Trip to Manchester to see the Coronation Street set, then onto Liverpool and Celebrated Laylas 1st Birthday! So its been a bit of a random week, but I’ve loved it all the same!.

Layla opening her birthday presents

13.04.14 – Today Layla was opening her 1st Birthday Presents, as we were going away for her birthday, so she had them 3 days earlier (i don’t think she will mind lol)

a new bulb flower shooting through

14.04.14 – WOW I’ve actually made something grow! EEEeeek Im good at making Humans (my babies), but sometimes i lack the ability to make things in the Garden Grow, but Yay one of the bulbs i planted earlier in the year is actually growing!

coronation street rovers return

15.04.14 – Can you guess where we are??? Yup were at Coronation Street the Tour!!! Ive been when i was a kid at the old Granada Studios, but we had to revisit now its back open to the public for a very short space of time! it was great to see the sets, wardrobe and even the dressing rooms!

Layla blowing out her 1st Birthday Cake Candles

16.04.14 – Today is Layla’s 1st Birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a Pink Butterfly Cake! I also wrote her a Lovely Letter so she can read when shes older

Layla playing in a Ball pool

17.04.14 – I bought Layla a little Ball pool from Argos as i realised that she actually had no outside Garden toys to play with, you wouldn’t think there was actually 200 balls in that pool!?

Beautiful Pink Orchid Flowers in the Blue Sky

18.04.14 – Here is my Beautiful Orchid outside in the glorious sunshine, i decided to take a picture of it and use it for my New Banner on my Blog, this is the picture that I’ve actually used, although my Banner is edited!

Layla really Enjoyed her 1st Easter Egg

19.04.14 – This is the 1st Proper Easter for Layla, i think its safe to say she has enjoyed eating her Easter Egg, wouldn’t you agree?

20 thoughts on “Project365 – Week16 – 13th-19th April

  1. sabrina montagnoli

    some really lovely photos this week. I am horrible at making things grow 🙁 well done you! Happy birthday to your little girl. What a cute chocolate face…we are huge chocolate fans here!

  2. Emma T

    I’m the same. rubbish at growing things. I can cope with plants or flowers in our garden wall, but anything else just dies or doesn’t happen i the first place.

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Lovely photos this week. Happy birthday Layla, love her cake. Your orchid is stunning and loving the new blog design x

  4. Sarah MumofThree World

    Looks like you had fun at Coronation Street and lovely photo of Layla with her birthday cake. That blossom is beautiful too!

  5. 76 sunflowers

    I noticed the blog header straight away – so pretty! I remember doing the balls in a paddling pool when my two were little – 200 balls are deceiving! Lovely pics. Beautiful family and orchid 🙂

  6. krissottoh

    Must have been such a special week with Layla celebrating her first birthday – and love your shot of the orchid.

  7. jenny paulin

    i like your new look theme for your blog – very pretty 🙂
    what a busy week you have had. belated wishes to your daughter on turning one and what a pretty butterfly cake she had. and i bet visiting the Rovers Return was fun! xx

  8. Elaine Livingstone

    happy belated birthday, how quick the year passes, and no I dont think she woud notice had they been either a few days early or late….lol
    That cake is brilliant – home made?
    Yes looked like she enjoyed her egg….have to say I have never bought one for either the kids or the grandkids… rotten am I


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