PROJECT365 – Week15 – 6th-12th April

Woahhhh where has week15 strung from? This week has been fairly a straight forward one, although the kids have been off school and Im trying to put the finishing touches to the Conservatory.. Were slowly getting there! yes

Project365 Layla having Tomato Sauce for the 1st time

Project365 Upcycling a Tv Unit

Project365 Layla on the swings for the 1st time

Project365 my trees were stolen

Project365 Apple Macbook Pro

Project365 Laylas Long eyelashes

Project365 Layla New Mamas & papas Swirl Buggy

06.04.14 – Layla Trying Tomato Sauce for the 1st time!

07.04.14I Upcycled our New Tv Media Unit

08.04.14 – Layla enjoying the Swing for the 1st time

09.04.14Garden Tree Thief stole 3 of my Beautiful 3ft Fern trees/Shrubs

10.04.14 – Macbook Pro! EEeeek

11.04.14 – Layla having a nap, Look at those Lashes 🙂

12.04.14 – Bought another Holiday Buggy from Argos… it was only £64 with Cosytoes, Raincover and Parasol.

Next week is going to be a very busy one, as its Laylas 1st birthday on the 16th and from the 15-16th were going via National Holidays to see the Old Coronation street in Manchester with a stay over at Liverpool 😀 eeekkk can’t wait to enjoy our little mini break away with the family.

19 thoughts on “PROJECT365 – Week15 – 6th-12th April

  1. Leanne

    I love the Macbook, It runs at lightening speed compared to my Old sorry for itself Laptop lol, We love pushchairs (its an addiction), but its just a holiday buggy.. I know i still feel disgusted that someone took my precious trees 🙁 x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World

    Love the tomato sauce photo and very sorry about your shrubs.
    Thanks very much for your help with sorting out my blog! x

  3. jenny paulin

    beautiful lashes and i do love to see sleeping babies and children – they always look so angellic dont they?
    you did a grand job on the upcycling – really impressed x

  4. Michelle Maggs

    I’m jealous of your mac book, I bet it’s amazing. Love the first photo of your little cutie 🙂 #365 x

  5. TheBoyandMe

    The black and white photo of your sleeping little one is gorgeous, so simple and amazing.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. krissottoh

    LOL Layla getting very messy with her first tastes of tomato sauce. Awful that someone would take your trees!

  7. Elaine Livingstone

    this is a great way to remember the silly little things along the way as your children grow up, and thanks for sharing 2 firsts, she seems to be enjoying the swing.
    Never tried a mac have to say I’m a windows woman.
    Thats a good price for the buggy.
    what a rotten sod to steal your wee trees, its a wonder they got the roots up

  8. Actually Mummy...

    Oh gosh your close ups of Layla are beautiful! Especially love naptime! Would love you to add this post to my #Expressions linky today if you fancy it?

  9. ClearlyBex

    I am rather jealous of your new laptop, although I dont get on with macs/apple products so i’m a windows girlie. I am sorry to hear about your trees and hope you have a fab time at corrie!


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