PROJECT365 – WEEK14 – 30th March – 5th April

Project365 30th March 2014 Handmade Mothers Day Cards

Project365 31st march 1st time in a car wash
Project365 1st April 2014 Snazzy New Haircut
Project365 2nd April Layla standing up for the 1st time
Project365 3rd April Pink Flowers in the Garden
Project365 4th April Stood by the sea at the docks
Project365 5th April Playing with toys

30.03.14 – It was Mother’s Day and my Boys made me a Mothers Day Card at school, aren’t they fab?

31.03.14 – On the way to get some shopping, the boys noticed that a New Car Wash had popped up along the way, so how could we resist? lol It was Layla’s 1st time in a Car Wash, she was ok… She didnt cry but she also didnt laugh, think she was abit unsure what to think of it.

01.04.14 – The Boys got a Snazzy New Hair cut… I normally do it myself (short backs and sides, with a bit on top), but there wanted they hair like a kid at school and well i had no idea where to start. It makes them look so grown up.

02.04.14 – Layla pulled herself up for the 1st time today! abit of mixed emotions from me, im so proud and happy that shes doing it and becoming independent, but were has my baby gone, shes almost 1 on the 16th 🙁

03.04.14 – Ive been taking part in Annie’s How does Your Garden Grow? over at Mammasaurus and as you can see, mine grows terribly or actually doesnt grow at all… Plants really tend to come to my garden to retire and then die 🙁 But im going to blame the weather this time, as its been pretty awful! Lots of foggy mist where you cant even see your arms stretched out in front of you (well ok, abit of exaggeration there, but you get what i mean lol) Thankfully the weather is suppose to pick up!

04.04.14 – We took the kids and Dog out for a longgggggg stroll past the docks and along the Promenade (we will tire them out!)… They loved it, the boys took their Micro Scooters and here there are stood in the docks with the misty foggy weather behind them.

05.04.14 – Awww look how sweet, there all playing happy together :/ Until Layla goes and disrupts they game Oops 🙂

So how was your week???

23 thoughts on “PROJECT365 – WEEK14 – 30th March – 5th April

  1. 76 sunflowers

    What lovely cards the boys made, so nice to see school’s making an effort! I love How does your garden grow but haven’t taken part in a while as ours is ‘between’ stages 😉

  2. My Monkeys Don't Sit Still

    Lovely Mother’s Day cards there Leanne. Little monkey hates the car wash! So pleased they can all play nicely together, it’s a thing we are working on! ;0 x

    1. Leanne

      Awww thank you hunnie… I love it when there make me something (very rare!!!)… so it always take’s pride of place at home. They ok, but often try and kill each other haha

    1. Leanne

      Thank you hunnie… im a total hoarder as i keep everything!!! haha… shes almost there, she can climb the stairs now 🙂 x

  3. Charly Dove

    What wonderful cards Leanne, you must have been really pleased with those! How exciting Layla pulled herself up too, well done for capturing it. Lovely to see you joining in with #HDYGG, always enjoy it 🙂


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