Project365 – Week 21 – 18th-24th May 2014

Another week and another busy one for us :/

This week I’ve been abit off colour, i have just felt out of sorts, i havent wanted to turn on the computer so i havent done many blog posts, ive got thousands of comments (which are all spam) to go through and mark as SPAM urghhh… I think i just burnt myself out doing all the DIY stuff in the kids room, trying to keep the housework flowing as i hate to miss one day as it just impossible to catch up and then Layla has had a poorly belly so we have been going through nappies like we own a nappy factory! poor baba…

So anyways here is our Project365 week 21:

Project365 week21 18.05.14 new restaurant

18.05.14 – A new Restaurant in our town opened up recently and on Sunday we decided to pay a visit! Heres my mum and the boys waiting for their meals… Oh the food was just gorgeous! and for 7 of us plus drinks it only cost £42.00!!!

Project365 week21 19.05.14 layla in her swing

19.05.14 – My Mums nextdoor neighbour give Layla a swing! and of course she LOVES it.. i cant get her out of it 🙂

Project365 week21 20.05.14 growing surprise seedlings

20.05.14 – Eeekkk we have seedlings growing!!! I have absolutely no clue whats growing as me and Daulton stupidly forgot what we had planted :/ but yayyyy we love surprises lol

Project365 week 21 21.05.14 soft pink bugaboo breezy canopy

21.05.14 – So the sun has recently come out to play, so i was straight online to order Layla a new Summer hood for her Bugaboo… Its called Soft pink and its just LUSH and in true British style since it arrived its rained 🙁

Project365 week21 22.05.14 layla got new shoes from clarks

22.05.14 – We popped into town on Thursday and got Laylas feet measured and got her some new pink Butterfly shoes!

Project365 week21 23.05.14 layla is almost walking

23.05.14 – This Last week all of a sudden Layla has just stood up all by herself and stayed upright!!! She stunned us all as it was just out of nowhere! hehe… wont be long till shes walking un-aided.. Anyone got a extra set of eyes??? lol

Project365 week21 24.05.14 daulton playing in a cardboard box

24.05.14 – Heres Daulton our oldest (nearly 10)… See your never too old to play in a Cardboard Box lol x

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