Project365 – Week 19 – 4th-10th May 2014

WOW week 19 where the hell has the time been going? Everything at the minute seems to be moving at lightening speed due to all the work were doing in the house, so that hopefully come the summer we can sit out the back with a Vodka or 4 hehe enjoying the good old british outdoors! Which im hoping will smell beautiful as ive just bought Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary Shrubs! 🙂

Here is our Project365 Week 19 – 4-10th May:

project365 week 19 the boys podbeds 04.05.14

04.05.14 – We have got abit further forward with the Boys Bedroom Makeover! Here are the Pod Beds so far! We have of coursed moved the toys off the bed, so they can at least get in (im not that cruel haha)

Project365 week 19 grandas birthday cakes 05.05.14

05.05.14 – It was my Grandas 82nd Birthday and my Auntie got him some cupcakes made with little icings on the top with things that make my Granda, By trade he is a Painter & Decorator, he use to run the Karaoke in his local Pub and he also is a Cowboy he use to do shows 🙂

project365 week 19 ashton on boden catalogue 06.05.14

06.05.14 – Ashton completed a Entry into the Mini Boden Competition hosted by Tots100, and we received a catalogue with his little design on the front and a voucher! (which of course we shall be using!). 😀

project365 week 19 the boys bedroom 07.05.14

07.05.14 – So were still on doing the Boys Bedroom and no makeover would be complete without having a good old sort out, but urghhhhhhhhhh… Its one of those jobs that you dread the run upto, then whilst in the middle of doing it; you think “why did i start this for?” 🙁

Project365 Layla Turning the Xbox One Off 08.05.14

08.05.14 – Layla is getting to be a right little Bossy Boots!… She insists to be in the middle of the boys and now if they dont give her a controller to play with, she goes to the Xbox and turns it off! haha

project365 week 19 we went shopping 09.05.14

09.05.14 – We headed to The Range to get some bits and pieces for the boys bedroom and we ended up getting one of those little mini greenhouses so the kids can grow some Fruit and Vegetables

Project365 week 19 little green insect 10.05.14

10.05.14 – My New Macro Lens arrived and i couldnt wait to try them out, i didnt even see this tiny little green insect when i took the picture, it was only when i plugged my memory card in that i seen it! WOW

14 thoughts on “Project365 – Week 19 – 4th-10th May 2014

  1. My Monkeys Don't Sit Still

    The boys bedroom looks like it’s coming along nicely Leanne! I love the Macro shot. Good luck using the mini greenhouse x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World

    Those pod beds are amazing! Stunning close-up in your last photo. I’d love a macro lens!

  3. Emma T

    Great shot of the insect.

    I hate clearing stuff out, and I have quite a few rooms that need almost gutting and starting from scratch. Depressing how much time it would actually take. Hope yours doesn’t take much longer (I wish we had The Range near us!)

  4. welshmumof3boys

    Love the mini Boden entry, well done 😉 hope the bedroom makeover is going well, I’m finding its a never ending story with my son’s bedroom reorganisation x

  5. Karen (@wouldliketobe)

    Those bed look cool and it made me giggle seeing your youngest being a bossy boots haha x

  6. Notmyyearoff

    Wow look at that little insect, you can see its little legs! Fab photos! And happy birthday to Granda 😀

  7. Charly Dove

    Goodness me sounds like you’ve had a busy week with all that sorting! Grandas birthday cake is something else, what a creation – I hope he had a great day. You will love your macro lens, sounds like you already do 🙂

  8. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Loving those pod beds, lucky boys 🙂 Great capture of the little bug! Layla sounds a lot like my wee girl, we give her a controller with no batteries in it for the wii 🙂

  9. Michelle Maggs

    The bed is coming a long so well I can’t wait to see it finished, it’s amazing 🙂 I hope the green houses go well, I love the range x

  10. krissottoh

    What cool pod beds – looks like you’re incredibly busy getting the bedroom sorted. Cool macro shot too.

  11. 76 sunflowers

    Oooh the pod bed looks great I’ll be checking out your makeover in a minute! My boy’s room needs sorting. Your garden is going o smell lush once summer gets here so enjoy your vodkas! 🙂

  12. Elaine Livingstone

    those pod beds look fab, much nicer than old fashioned bunks. Love the wee green fly, a great accidental capture, guess the lens is good!!
    Love how bossy boots has learnt to work the X box to her advantage, poor boys!! just think we have double trouble…


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