Project365 – 25th-31st May 2014 – Week 22

Woah where did week22 spring from?? This year is zooming by!!! Well this week the boys have been off school for a whole ENTIRE week!! and as per usual its rained non stop! So some days we have had abit of cabin fever going on and Layla hasn’t exactly been thrilled with the rain either as it meant she couldn’t play outside. Although its been abit poo with the weather, we have tried to get out and do some things rather than look at the same 4 walls..

Here is our Week22:

Project365 week22 25.05.14 macdonalds after swimming
25.05.14 – We went swimming to a different swimming baths out of town, i wont name the place but urghhhh it was dirty, cold and dark :/ and we had the pleasure of paying £16 for an hours swimming session. I dont think we shall be returning there again. We were thirsty and of course hungry so ended up at MacDonalds YUM YUM

Project 365 week22 26.05.14 the boys near highforce waterfall
  26.05.14 – Bank Holiday Monday was the only day this week that we had some nice weather so we ventured to Highforce Waterfall in Durham. It was a Beautiful place and the noise from the waterfall was deafening, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it! Click {HERE} for more Photos of this beautiful Place.

Project365 week22 27.05.14 Freshly Painted Nails
  27.05.14 – Im not the most Girly Girls in the world, im a tom boy at heart lol… But its my birthday coming up next month and so were planning a night out for it and i figured that i best get my feet/nails prepped there havent seen party shoes for quite some time lol.. So gave myself abit of a Pamper and put some bright blue Nail Varnish on and then 1 toe with glitter.

Project365 week22 28.05.14 doing the washing
  28.05.14 – All ive seen on Facebook this week is people Airing there dirty laundry in public, so i thought Id share mine! haha Urgh i hate washing with a passion, i had already done 2 loads in my 10kg washer and i still had this left 🙁

Project365 week 22 30.05.14 new arrival
  29.05.14 – We have a New Arrival!… Last week i got a Soft Pink Breezy Hood for Laylas Bugaboo, but i also wanted a liner to match and it was a toss up between cream or pink… So i decided to wait till i got the hood then decide, so anyways i went with the cream as i figured it would go with her other dark pink hood. I think Layla was more excited than me haha

Project365 week22 30.05.14 my stats

30.05.14 – I havent checked my stats as regular as i use too! (thank god, as it can get rather addictive)… But i almost spat out my drink when i noticed that this month’s visits had sky rocketted wayyyyyyy past previous months! I wish i knew how it happened lol

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