Pre-Op Assessment – 36+2weeks

Maternity Record, Day Assessment Unit (DAU)

Place of attendance: Hartlepool / DAU
Date of arrival: 04/04/13
Time of Arrival: 11:25am
Time Seen: 11:25am

Risk/Issue: 36+2weeks – Pre op Assessment.

EDD Scan: 30/04/2013
Gravida: 6
Parity: 2
Gestation: 36+2weeks

Inspection: Abdomen – Round, soft to palpate, Fundus – 36cms, long lie, cephalic, Free, FHHR & FM

No Known Allergies

Admission History
Date: 04/04/2013
Time: 11:30am

Leanne attended DAU Hartlepool for pre op assessment has had high risk anaesthetic review

Feels well though has not felt baby move much this morning, had had mucusy show c/o irregular on palpation, FMF by leanne. Braxton Hicks
AN check as charted – NAD
For anaethetist review – HB 10.7 Platelets 92 (Taken 02/04/2013)

Discharge Plan

Prescription for Ranitidine explained when to take and diet.

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