Winter wooly machine knitted hat pattern


Having made some simple blankets previously. I have now learned some skills into making hats and what perfect time of the year to whip up some?

Here I will tell you how to make them, but please bear in mind that I am a complete novice and even more so in detailing patterns (so if there is anything that I’ve missed out just drop me a comment).The machine I use is a knitmaster 321 which I believe is a 4.5 gauge standard single bed machine. When I knit anything I use DK wool which I know is very thick and so I knit everything on tension dial:10.

The pattern here will make a hat for a 12-18months old toddler.


Bring forward into working position 120needles (6-6). Push back every other needle into non working position.

Open cast on with waste yarn and knit a few rows, break yarn. Knit 1 row with your cord.

Reset counter to: 000

Turn tension dial to 8 (or 2 tensions notches down from your normal knitting tension for your yarn). Knit 40 rows.

Bring forward all needles into working position. Pick up stitches and put your 1st row of rib back on the empty needles.

Reset counter to: 000

Set tension back to 10 (or back up 2 notches that’s your normal tension for your yarn) Knit one row. Pull out your cord and the waste yarn should fall away.

Main body:

Here you can let your imagine run wild… You can knit all one colour, fair isle patterns, stripes, cable etc. knit 49 rows.


Move every other stitch to adjacent needle and push back empty needles into non working position. (You should end up with half the amount of needles)

Turn tension dial to 8 and knit 2 rows.

Leave a long yarn tail and break yarn.

Cast off:

Using a tapestry needle feed yarn tail through the front of every stitch and remove from the machine.

Making up:

Pull the yarn tight to gather up those stitches and sew up the side seam.

Pom Pom:

The top gathers up quite nice and tight so you don’t need to add a Pom Pom, but I love seeing Pom Poms on children’s hat. I used a Pom Pom maker that I purchased off eBay for a couple of £, it’s fantastic and makes lots of other sizes too. But if you don’t wish to purchase one of these then you can use the circle card method and attach to the hat.

Enjoy x

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