Phil and Teds, Dot, Navigator, Smart, Sport… Spares Fabrics – Revamp your Stroller!

Phil and Teds, Dot, Navigator, Smart, Sport… Spares Fabrics ETC to Revamp your Stroller!

Phil and Teds Spares fabrics wheels revamp your stroller

Here I’ve found lots of Products ranging from, hoods, seats, footwell, basket, storm cover, cocoons, double seat, footmuffs and travel cases all for the Phil and Teds Dot, Navigator, Smart, Sport etc etc the list is endless!

Phil and Teds are like a Pack horse!!! i have always loved these. There are so easy to use, navigate and of course adaptable to your growing family needs. The Phil and Teds can be used as a Single Pram/Stroller for a Single Newborn child, add the cocoon inside which features built in carry handles, zip up or down apron and an adjustable snug hood to keep the cold weather out.. The Phil and Teds can last your child a very long time until you no longer need one, or if another child comes along before your oldest is ready to walk alone, then you can simply pop on a second seat to the front of the Stroller by connecting the Elbow joints. This option is called the newborn and toddler mode, simply pop baby in the bottom or the Main seat of the stroller and add the toddler to the second seat on the front… You can of course purchase double rain covers and sun mesh to protect your little ones from harmful UV rays and our lovely british wet weather. When the youngest grows up and you now have 2 toddlers, simply pop the double seat onto the back of the Phil and Teds stroller and now you have a Toddler and Toddler set up. Phil and Teds have some great products to suit any family needs, including seat liner, wooly liners, footmuffs, sun canopies, snack trays… The list is endless… and of course when your oldest has grown up and no longer requires a ride, simply pop off the double seat and you now have a Single Pushchair for a Toddler again… It really is that simple

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