Our New £20.00 Kettle! – Coffee is BACK

I cant believe im doing a Post on our New Kettle! haha… But the Kettle plays a vital part in our lives, so it would be rude not too.


Our old kettle (which wasn’t really old to be honest) decided to die a slow death :(. It started coming on by itself and then just decide to turn itself off, so it had to go.

The kettle in our house is very important! I NEED coffee and lots of it (I think this is a normal thing in a house with kids in)… I cant function on a morning if I don’t have my first cup of coffee when I wake up, so when the kettle was playing up, that was it! It had to go.

Now normally we Me tends to buy the Branded makes, thinking that paying that bit extra will make it last longer. Hmmm stupid right? a Kettle is surely just a kettle?… So I went to Asda and bought a Cream no frills, no branded Kettle for £20.00

I now have Coffee!, so im a Happy Mummy 🙂

Could you live without a Kettle? x

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