One very lucky Spoilt Mummy

Well Christmas is over!… It sort of took for ages to come around and with a blink its gone. I’m not complaining though, its been stressful and very tiring!. Layla hasn’t slept very well for the last 2 nights and so I’m a walking zombie blurghhh. But boy am I glad its over, we can sort of get back to normal and I can retreat to my bit of heaven blogging.


This year I was really surprised to find that Santa had actually brought me a Pandora Bracelet!!! EEEeeeekkkkkk… Shocked, surprised doesn’t come close and if you read my Previous Post Here… You will know exactly why I’m shocked! haha


Its soooo Pretty!!!… Ive always wanted one, but could never justify to spend the money on one, as the kids usually need things so they always come first… I feel like a very lucky Mummy indeed 😀

3 thoughts on “One very lucky Spoilt Mummy

  1. Claire

    Oh wow you have been spoilt 🙂 it is beautiful 🙂 I’m so tired with Christmas, planning for 4 children is hard work but so worth it Christmas day, me time again and trying to get back into running. Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop..

  2. Leanne

    I know what you mean… I couldn’t justify getting it myself, but now my family know what to get me for birthdays and xmas’s 🙂 x


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