Nursing/Breastfeeding/Maternity Tops – Part 1

NursingBreastfeedingMaternity Tops

Nursing/Breastfeeding/Maternity Tops:

These are great as there can be worn whilst pregnant and will then continue to provide you with a easy access point when you need to feed Little One. The first thing you will think of when getting ready for that day, is how easily accessible your Breasts are. These tops feature a clip on the strap that allow that side to come down and then when baby is finished, simply clip the top together again. These tops aren’t very cheap, the basic tops are around £15-£20, but given that these can be used throughout your pregnancy and beyond, there good value for money…. Or you can make your own Nursing/Breastfeeding Tops for £2.00!


Read why these are my Top 5:

  1. Nursing/Breastfeeding/Maternity Tops
  2. Nipple Cream
  3. Nursing Bras
  4. Nursing Pillow
  5. Muslin Squares


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