NT Scan Results are IN!!!

So Today i recieved the much awaited for letter from the NT Scan i had done on the 25th of October. The scan checked for the fluid on the back of the neck and the result was 2.4mm which to me seemed alot, but the sonographer tried to reassure me that its just a number on its own, everything else including my blood needs to be added into the mix to give an accurate result.

So here is what the Letter Reads:

Maternal Serum Screening for Down’s Syndrome

Dear Leanne

We are pleased to inform you that the Combined Test undertaken on Thursday, 25, October, 2012, shows you are at low risk for Down’s Syndrome. Your risk was estimated at 1 in 45793 and no further investigation for Down’s Syndrome is required.

Yours Sincerely,

I couldn’t be anymore happier with that News 🙂

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