No Coffee for ME… Im going cold turkey!

Before I fell pregnant with Layla I loved my Coffee. My favourite was a Latte Coffee which come in sachets but whilst pregnant the morning sickness seemed to last all morning and night and I instantly went off coffee. That was probably a good thing, but unfortunately I was hugely addicted to the caffeine and I had quickly replaced my favourite mug of coffee for Energy drink.

going cold turkey from the coffee cafeine

Once Layla was born my energy drink consumption had sky rocketed along with cups of coffee which I now liked the taste of again. I knew this was bad for my health, but every time I tried to ditch those high energy drinks I would feel so dreadful and dead on my feet. Then my consumption would go up a notch to bring me back upto speed… ive literally just gone in circles!!! 🙁

Today things came ahead after I seen a very young girl on the This Morning show talking about how she suffered 3x heart attacks after drinking lots of Jager bombs which contains a high volume of energy drink in each Jager bomb. This really just hit hard at home with me. I nearly died from a subarachnoid Aneurysm haemorrhage when I just turned 23 years old. I got a very lucky second shot at this life business stuff and so I don’t want to screw up from my own stupidity.

So Heres What I Drink in a Day:

  • My Morning Cup of Mocha Coffee
  • Then another after I get back from the school run
  • about 10-11am I have my 1st can of Energy drink
  • Dinner is accompanied by another Energy Drink
  • about 2pm ill enjoy another Mocha Coffee just before the kids come home from school
  • for tea ill have another can of energy drink
  • then from 7pm-midnight Ill have about 3 cans of energy drinks

So as you can see I consume quite my fair share of Caffeine throughout the day and I’ve shocked myself at how much I do have, now I’ve written it down. So there’s also no surprise at why I don’t really sleep all that too well at night.

So as of right now im going 100% cold Turkey.. I shall update on my progress…. wish me Luck 🙂 x

5 thoughts on “No Coffee for ME… Im going cold turkey!

  1. Victoria Welton

    I haven’t had caffeine for over two weeks now on this diet – and I feel SO much better 🙂 Good luck with it – you are going to be just fine. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Leanne

      Welldone hunnie!!! That’s Great.. im on day5 now and im starting to feel a load lot better 😀 and your welcome x

  2. Lakes Mum

    Good luck I probably drink too much coffee at 6 mugs a day but avoid those drinks! Thanks for linking to reasons to be cheerful


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