My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! – Tried & Tested x3

Being a Mummy x3, you get a good understanding of what baby products works for you and also what doesn’t. There is so many baby products on the market that for a first time parent it can be very overwhelming on what you should choose and what you should steer clear of.

So here I will share my Top 5 Baby Products, that I’ve used for my Children:

1, GroBag/Sleeping Bags:

This is my Top Number 1 Baby Product!!! The Sleeping Bag. As a first time mummy, it filled me with dread when I heard horror stories about babies suffocating under blankets etc *Shudder*… So I came across these in Mothercare and instantly bought one!. Its just the best thing EVER. Simply put baby in it and zip/popper it closed. It keeps baby snug, warm and safe. I’ve used these for all 3 of my babies and ive recommended these to many Parents-To-Be.

2, Plastic Bath Seat:

When I had my 1st baby, I just went and bought a baby bath. It was completely useless, I ended up with an emergency C-Section so once the bath was filled I couldn’t lift the bath up to empty it. So that rendered the Baby Bath completely Useless!. I then found this little great device, called a Bath Support seat. Its a lightweight plastic moulded lay back seat which can be used from birth. It has suckers on the bottom so it attaches to the bottom of your bath to keep it secure. Ive had 3x C-sections so in the early days after having my baby, it can be abit of a struggle to bath little one, this is great as it gives parents 2 free hands whilst keeping baby snug and safe in the chair, therefore you don’t have to strain yourself. Ive used these for all 3 of my babies and wouldn’t use anything else. The Chair in the picture is a Tigex Brand.

3, Lansinoh Lanolin Cream:

lansinoh lanolin cream
This really should be called “Miracle Cure in a Tube!” If your going to be a breastfeeding mummy, then you NEED this. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream is not just cream for breastfeeding Mummies, it can also be used for Nappy Rash, Burns, cracked lips, scratches etc etc… The List is endless! Its not exactly cheap at £10.00 a tube, but a little bit goes a very long way and this particular tube ive had for 10months and used it almost everyday! and there is still loads left.

4, Fisher Price Jumperoo:

fisherprice rainforest jumperoo
Whoever invented this, needs a Medal! I was abit weary at first, but I had no need to be as Layla absolutely loved it!!! I just wish it was out when I had the boys. It was fab as I could plonk her in and she could jump about entertaining herself whilst I put some washing in, or hoovered up etc. I knew she was safe and happy for a little while. Happy Baby happy mummy.

5, Baby Sling:

Ive never really been the one for slings, I’ve always been a Pram addict and I must admit, I did look down on the whole sling thing as though it was just for Hippy parents (sorry!)… But I will admit im converted! Breastfeeding Layla we made a fantastic bond, but with that bond it meant she needed to be with me 24/7. Having 2 other children, you kind of feel slightly guilty that this miniature person needs you all to herself, so I got the sling and it was great to pop her in close to my chest. In the photo she fell instantly asleep as per usual and this meant that I could play games with my boys and do some boring housework. We often do the school runs with Layla attached to me, sometimes its just more easier to carry her than lug the pram out. Now she’s older, she loves being up at a height as she can take everything in from a great view.

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! – Tried & Tested x3

  1. Kerry (@Ohsoamelia_blog)

    Great choices! We also loved our jumperoo and sling when Amelia was younger and nipple cream is a must lol!! Thanks for linking up 🙂

  2. Eleanor (thebristolparent)

    The purple cream is such a must have you’re so right! I also used it as hand cream in the winter after days of bottle washing – perfect!


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