My Il Tutto accessory Bargain!

I got a fab bargain the other day on ebay!. I purchased my Il Tutto Mia Changing Bag from someone on facebook, i got it at a fairly reasonable price because it came without the accessory pack (changing mat, bottle holder and wet case).

But i wasnt bothered about these bits and bobs as i could just obtain any sort of fold up changing mat or make one like i did here….

So anyways i often find myself flicking through ebay just to see if anything catches my eye, im constantly always on the look out for bargains, even if i dont actually “Need” it lol. But a Bargain is a Bargain, you cant really say no to a true bargain. I came across a Ebay Listing for some Il Tutto accessories it was at 0.99p with a 1 Bid and ending in about 9 hours time at 9am in the morning. So i thought ill try my luck and place a bid, so i set my Maximum bid of £13.00 and was pleasantly surprised to see i was now the winning bidder at £1.04… I thought hmmm sure a shooting someone will outbid me as i felt £13.00 wasnt high enough, but thats the only “Spare” money i had in paypal, so i just had to hope and pray that i got lucky.

The Next morning i got my breakfest as you do and logged on, i totally forgotten at this point i put a bid on, so i clicked through my messages on ebay and it said “you have 1 item to pay for”… so i clicked on it and found out that i had only gone and won the Accessory pack for a whopping £1.04!!!!!!! Woop Woop Total Bargain!!! the P&P costs were £3.00 so grand total of £4.04… So now my Changing Bag is Complete!, al be it the accessory is black and white dots and my changing bag inside is brown with red dots, Oh well i suppose you just cant be that lucky…

il tutto bargain

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