My first EVER Youtube Video

I was a little quiet yesterday, I tend to get these very bright ideas that quickly turn into “why, oh why do I bother!?”… I decided that I would star in my first ever youtube video.

It was quite nerve wrecking at first, especially as I had to do it in front of lee who kept laughing at me (yeh totally didn’t help! haha)Then it got abit frustrating because I hadn’t a clue what was the best angle to plonk the camera or how to position it because I didn’t have a Tripod! So in the end I plonked it on top of a cardboard box, which wasn’t a bright idea as the box was wobbly.  See I told you im full of bright ideas 🙂

Well I eventually got into the swing of things, and I took snippets of video of certain aspects of my pram… Then I spent all lastnight piecing it all together, taking bits out adding captions etc. Cant believe how long it took to just do a 2minute video. But hey I did it, and feel pretty accomplished with my little self.

Heres what I did.. I would love any comments good or bad regarding my little starring role 🙂


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