My Baby Bump Update – 17weeks and I’m a little Onion!

Number 4 Baby Bump Update - 17weeks



Gestation: 17weeks and 0Days

Weight: (not sure as the scales have broke)

Clothes Size: Im still a Size 10 but can easily just accept going into a 12 in normal jeans is normal and well super comfy!… I could really do with some more maternity jeans!… I feel like baby is sitting really low and the only thing comfortable at the minute is my Pj’s!

What I’m Craving: Shamefully i feel like i need to hit the Red-Bull like theres no tomorrow and trying to resist is hard work!, I’m also lovely the taste of Twister Ice-Lollies YUM YUM

How I’m Feeling: Im starting to feel slightly more “Normal” (is that even a term you can use? lol) Ive been able to get more things done in the house, without slumping about and feeling sorry for myself. Although when it gets to tea-time I’m starting to think a Nana-Nap would come in handy hehe

What I’ve Purchased: Well because i didn’t get round to doing my 16week Bump Update, i kind of purchased a Bugaboo Donkey in Duo Mode!!! hehe… Been using it for the last couple of weeks as the Mono mode with just Layla and we both absolutely love it!, its fantastic it just glides along… It looks huge but appearances are very deceptive!, i just need to make some covers for it now, check out my post {How to Make a Bugaboo Donkey Hood}. So this week I have purchased a Maxi Cosi Familyfix Base! It was a Bargain and well bargains are not to be sniffed at… so we quickly jumped at the chance. I also Purchased Layla/Squigglet the Bugaboo Donkey SnackTray. I had one for Layla when i had the cameleon3 and she loved it, so thought whilst I’m out and about with them both, this would be the perfect distraction and companion for Layla to eat her snacks from and keep her drinks safe.

Appointments: This week i have seen the Midwife, who said my iron was pretty good! 14!!!! WOW that is good, especially for me… My Blood Pressure was 126/80 which i know is normal, but for me slightly high :/ But we shall keep an eye on that. I also had my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) on the 27th of April. I had to fast for 12 hours until my appointment, so that meant i couldn’t have anything to eat or drink past 10pm the night before. Had blood took, then had to drink this really sweet concentrated orange juice, go back 2 hours later and then get my blood took again. Apparently if i failed the test then i would get a phone-call… So far nothing, so i guess I’m in the all clear. Next Appointment is our Scan and then nothing until 24weeks

Notes: Things seem to be speeding along at a very fast pace!!! I can’t believe that I’m almost at the half way point!!! I don’t know how its gone so quick either, i feel like I’ve just blinked and its fast forward :/ Slowwwww down… lol This is my last EVER pregnancy i need it to last for ages yet lol


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