My Baby Bump Update – 15weeks and I’m a little Orange!

My Baby Bump Update - 15weeks with no.4



Gestation: 15weeks and 0Days

Weight: 9st 12lb

Clothes Size: Urghhh its official my normal Jeans don’t FIT 🙁 so the Maternity jeans have been purchased and in the picture I’m showcasing some lovely Baxter Maternity jeans from Topshop and OMG there soooo comfy!!!!

What I’m Craving: At the minute I’ve got a taste for anything sweet, sour or basically anything i shouldn’t eat/drink too much of… Naughty Mammy hehe

How I’m Feeling: Im knackered!!! My motivation as well and truly buggered off! Ive got a list of jobs/tasks that need doing in the house and i just lack the energy or the can be arse-ness of doing any of it… It all just feels such a HUGE effort… Hopefully i get my MoJo back asap

What I’ve Purchased: Well technically I haven’t purchased anything, but my mum has bought Baby Squigglet a Mamas and Papas Sway Rocker Its cream and soft yellow with little bee’s all over it!.. I use to have a similar seat when i had ashton, then it was called the wave rocker and i had that in the Millie & Boris range. Loved it! Ashton looked so comfy and often fell asleep in it, so thought why not get another one 🙂

Appointments: 14th of april i had a Consultant Appointment, basically because I’m high risk and having another C-Section. I suffered with Gestational Thrombocytopenia with Layla and thats just a fancy term for the platelets in your blood dropping to dangerous low levels. My c-section was planned for 39 weeks but due to the rapid fall of my platelets (which you need in your blood to help your blood clot), my c-section was quickly re-schedculed for 38weeks… At 38weeks my platelets dropped to a dangerous low of 57 :/ and thankfully i only managed to lose a pint of blood and managed to clot myself without any medical intervention, Phew!

My blood got took when i was 9 weeks in this pregnancy and i got told my Platelet levels were then at 157 :O which is good for now, but theres no room whatsoever for them to drop! crossing everything possible and hope there stay the same throughout! and even go up

Notes: 15 weeks already, still seems very surreal doesn’t feel like its happening… Ive felt some movement and it feels so strange but lovely at the same time of course… I also got my NT Scan results off the blood test back today, so pleased to read that baby is at low risk for downs with a risk assessment of 1 in 50000! 

2 thoughts on “My Baby Bump Update – 15weeks and I’m a little Orange!

  1. Natalie Ray

    Aw how lovely, I’m so glad all is going well. Not long until your energy levels come back up and you start to feel a bit better and find out what you’re having if you want to. Exciting times ahead!x

    1. Leanne Post author

      Oh i can’t wait to start and feel slightly more normal, i just constantly feel drained :(… Were not finding out the gender this time, eeeeeek! we’ve never done it before, so I’m hoping i can wait it out 🙂


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