My 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed – Instant Booblift? Yes Please

I breastfed my Daughter for nearly 10months and I Love the Health Benefits it gave us both, but I have to admit that there is also some “Other” Perks to Breastfeeding that you don’t often see.

Here I will Confess my 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed:

5 Guilty Reasons To Breastfeed

1, One Less thing to forget: My Memory is absolute Pants! and its even worse Post-Partum… I’ve forgotten absolutely alsorts, Nappies, Wipes and once I even forgot my shoes (don’t ask!) But I’ve never forgotten Milk 😉

2, Bye Bye to Aunt Flo: Oh the Joy of not seeing Aunt Flo pop up whenever she feels like it!!! I made it to 6 months whilst Breastfeeding Layla and those 26weeks was bliss! if you add that to the 38weeks of pregnancy, I was spurred over a year of those dreaded Periods.

3, Hello! Boob Lift: If you thought your boobs were fab whilst Pregnant, there get even better when your milk comes in!… Say hello to your New Glorious Boob Lift!!!…

4, Get out of doing Chores: Breastfeeding is a great way to be Lazy without the Guilt! hehe… There was many a time when I would make an excuse of, “sorry I cant wash those dishes right now, Layla needs feeding”… What that actually meant was, Im breastfeeding my baby on the most comfiest spot on the settee, whilst I watch TV and play games on facebook!

5, No workout is required: Breastfeeding can burn 500-800 calories A DAY!!! I snapped back into my Pre-Pregnancy weight within a week, even though I sat on my bum nearly all day scoffing down cake and drinking Fizzy drinks. The best Diet EVER!

What’s your Guilty Perk to Breastfeeding?

5 thoughts on “My 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed – Instant Booblift? Yes Please

  1. Notmyyearoff

    I only breasted for about 3 months but I used to love eating anything and everything and parking my bum for an hour or so :). I have those same pjs!!

  2. Pinkoddy

    Knowing when your child is ill that your milk is magic for them. Snuggled up not having to move. Oh and tandem feeding meaning you knew where your toddler is whilst you fed the baby.


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