My 2013 Statistics

I thought it would be a cool idea to keep a record of all the statistics that my Blog has made for 2013, So that I could look back and see where it all began.

My blog has been live and kicking since March 2012, but at the time only created one post hereBut then I didn’t do anything else until March 2013 when I was Pregnant with Layla and I was making things for her, I wanted to record what I did etc so that I could look back in years to come.

Then when Layla arrived in April I had absolutely no time at all to even think about blogging… Fast forward to October, I picked my Blog up and have been working very hard at it since.


So my stats have increased a lot since the beginning of last year… I was really hoping that December would of beaten November, even if it was just 1 more. But I think with Christmas and new year it was fairly quiet πŸ™


Β My Tots100 Ranking, was a shock!! I moved up quite abit in just 1 month!


Β on my Facebook Page I have 1,119 likers.

twitterstatsMy twitter page has 2,545 followers.


on my instagram page I have 856 followers


My Klout score shot right up to 59 the other day from 45.


My Kred score is slowly increasing.


I cant wait to see what 2014 brings πŸ™‚ x

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