Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Baby Bath – Review

Mamas and papas acqua two stage ergo baby bath review

We needed a Bath just like any other parent. I knew very early on in my Pregnancy that I will be having a C-Section due to Major Brain Surgery I had 3 years prior. This would also be my 3rd C-Section, I knew what to expect and knew exactly what I needed to help me through those early weeks.

When I had my sons, I used just a Mamas & Papas Bath Support Seat which suckers to the bottom of a Normal bath. Unfortunately when we bought our 1st Home we put in a HUGE Corner bath, totally didn’t think about how long these types of baths take to fill even just a inch of water!. So we decided to get the Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Baby Bath RRP: £28.00 as I figured that would of course fill up a lot quicker than our big bath and plus it has a built in support seat which im use too and a fan of.

mamas and papas bath

Good Points:

  • Holds baby securely so you can have both hands free with the built in Baby seat
  • It has a section at the other end to allow a toddler to sit up and bathe in comfort
  • Compact area which fills up with water fairly quick
  • Moulded sections at the top which allows you have the soap, sponge etc close to hand
  • Maximum water line clearly visible on the inside

Bad Points:

  • The built in baby support seat is quite on the large size. Layla was 6lb 11oz born and fairly long but it didn’t snuggly fit her
  • Although it has a plug, its pretty useless when you try to drain the bath whilst in your Big Bath, as there is no room underneath for the water to drain away, this resulted in me just lifting the bath up and tipping it out… which I shouldn’t of done as I had a C-Section
  • The bath overall is large so you need a large space to store this whilst not in use


We loved using the Baby Bath!… Layla always looked so comfortable in the seat support section even if I was abit worried that she was too tiny, so her bum would slide to the side, but she never fell through. The Bath was a little pricey at £28.00 compared to most other baths, but I feel it was money well spent. After a few weeks I bought the Mamas & Papas Bath Support Seat as I found it easier to bathe all 3 kids at the same time. I would quite happily buy it again and I recommend it 🙂

(Disclosure: We purchased the Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Baby Bath ourselves. All opinions and honest words are our own)

15 thoughts on “Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Baby Bath – Review

  1. Coombe Mill

    I think I very quickly abandoned my baby bath for the real bath. Takes me back seeing these pictures though.

    1. Leanne

      Yeh I have to admit, that I only used a Baby bath this time due to our Big Bath being sooo big… Much quicker to fill the baby bath 🙂

  2. Helen Porter

    Aww I love the baby pics – the bath sounds great I love that it has built in support I remember struggling one handed with both of mine its really hard! love the bath great review #triedtested

  3. Family Fever

    We never used a baby bath – we started off bathing them in the sink and then went onto the big bath. I like the idea of a built in bath support though – must make it a lot easier to use. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Leanne

      I never really thought about using the sink *DOH* haha… Im used to the bath support seats, so when I seen this, I was like “Oooo that will work!” 😀 It got us through the early days when it was hard for me to move after the C-section… and your welcome x

  4. Kim Carberry

    That looks great…..I like the idea of a built in bath support….
    I bathed both my two in the sink for the first month or so….hehehe

  5. Jenny

    Great review. I used this bath for both mine two. I agree with you it is large to store. But it has been a great bath to go from birth to 2 I probably left my son in it too long but it worked. MM is still in it now. Although both my kids were big babies so it worked fromt he start. My friend just put a wash cloth under her baby and it kept the baby from sliding and it helped be more snug for her little newborn. Thanks for sharing. #triedtested

  6. Momma Mojo (Zara) (@MommaMojoBlog)

    I don’t even invest in baby baths anymore! But this one does look quite nifty. I like the idea of the support, would stop that strange position you have to get into to bathe them lol.

  7. redrosemummy

    We had to use a bath as we only have a shower in our house but I got my two into a bath support seat as soon as I could.

  8. Colette B

    I’m not a fan of a baby bath usually – we just use a sponge support in the main bath – but the idea of the moulded support is appealing. Having had three sections myself I can totally understand your situation!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Leanne

      Im not a huge fan either and also use just bath support seats.. but figured the baby bath would fill a lot quicker than our HUGE corner bath 🙂

    1. Leanne

      There have a pretty good range.. including just plain baths, bath support seats and toddler bath seats 🙂 x


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