Making a Tudor Cardboard House – School Homework

So Sundays should be a day of rest!!!.. Yeh right not in our house. Sundays usually mean panic like hell because its school tomorrow so need to rush to get the homework, reading books and uniforms sorted.

Today I just wondered why schools send homework home… Do they really think that 100% of it is actually done by the child?? Daulton needed to make a Tudor Home for the last part of his homework file. Basically he brings home a homework book every start of term and he must complete it by a certain date. So we usually get him to sit down every weekend to complete at least one and therefore not having to have it all to do in one go. Well I wish I could say that Daulton has completed his homework book on his own, but that would be a total lie… I could even go as far to say that 95% of it was completed by me :/ Not intentional and I haven’t just thought “oh ill do this while he plays”, No infact he’s been sat right next to me and trying to do it, but I cant just let him sit there and struggle I have to help him. Im guessing im not the only parent who has helped? So im doing nothing wrong, (I hope lol)

daultons cardboard tudor house school homework
Anyways the last weeks project is, “Make your own Tudor House!” Brilliant!… so not only have I had to delve into the delights of King Henry the VIII’s sex life and how he suffered from Impotence (Wikipedia has too much knowledge!) But now IVE been given the challenge to make a Bloody Tudor House!!! But in actual fact Daulton actually enjoyed building it!

We used cereal boxes and stuck them together. Stuck white paper all over it and cut out strips of black card to represent the beams on a Tudor House. Daulton then coloured in the path/grass with put some roses on.

tudor cardboard house

It only took a couple of hours and then it was onto Ashtons Homework! which thankfully didn’t take too long… but then it was time to Iron the Uniforms for the next week. Don’t us Parents have such wonderful jobs 😀

So what do you think of our Tudor House??? Im hoping to get Top Marks *cough* *cough* I Mean Daulton 🙂

4 thoughts on “Making a Tudor Cardboard House – School Homework

  1. KidGLloves

    Grace says – Well done Mummy – sorry Daulton – on an excellent Tudor House – this looks awesome.

    Lucas’s Mother says – My sister-in-law had exactly the same issue but with a Roman Gladiator arena – obviously George did ALL the work himself.

    Lucas says – Of course George did it all my himself Mother – he’s awesome. Welcome Daulton to the GL Gang – awesome job dude *high-5’s*

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    1. Leanne

      Thank you… Oh WOW i hope we don’t do the Romans next, although he hasn’t had that subject yet, so im fearing it might be in the pipeline somewhere 🙂 x

  2. kate

    Have to make a model describing either the great fire or the gunpowder plot over half term. My daughter is only SIX…in yr two of infants. She (lucky me) has decided to create a street in London during the fire. She understands the story and wants to concentrate on the houses surrounding ‘Pudding Lane’ and the bakery. Weve been discussing how to make the houses and this house you uploaded has helped a lot! Rosie, my daughter, wants to make several houses complete with Samuel Peopes(? spelling) sat pondering over his diary on a rooftop! We are off begging at the local shop later for a large sheet of card to mount the ‘street onto. Like the back of a display of some sort. We’ve already had all the boxes from the hardware shop. Light bulb boxes, kettle boxes and even a box shaped as a bridge! Anyway, thanks v much for posting your model. Its helped with inspiration LOADS!

    1. Leanne

      Oh I’m so glad it has helped you… We(or should I say me?) haha enjoyed making the Tudor houses and I dare say you could make a row of Tudor houses to depict the story of the great fire of London! Would love to see the end result! 🙂


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