The MAD Blog Awards – We’ve been Nominated!!! Woohoooo

Im new to blogging, but Ive quickly learnt that its MAD Blog Award Season. Basically you nominate the blogs you love in certain categories, the more votes they get, the closer they get to winning the Award!!!

I wasn’t going to participate or write a post about it, as I thought my blog is New and therefore who would vote for me!

I was Wrong!!! Today I got a tweet from MADBlogAwards:


Woohoooo we’ve been Nominated… Which then queued me having a little bit of a jiggle around the living room with Layla who looked slightly bemused, as to why mummy had slightly lost the plot! haha

So Thank you to those who have already Voted for us, we Very much appreciate it!!!

If you haven’t already Voted, I would love some more Votes in the “Best New Blog Category”

How to do it:

  1. Click on the: The MADS 2014 Image just above this text which will take you to the Voting Page, or Click Here
  2. On the Voting Form, you will need to enter your Email address and Vote for a MAD Blog of the Year… My personal Favourites are: and
  3. Go onto the Next Page and Enter Me: into the “Best New Blog”
  4. Submit!

Thank you! Thank you! to anyone who has or will vote of us! 😀


3 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards – We’ve been Nominated!!! Woohoooo

  1. Jaime Oliver

    well done for you nomination my lovely is so nice to get the vote isnt it xxx good luck

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMOments x


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