How to make Cloth Wipes for Cloth Nappies – Learn how!

diy cloth wipes
Cloth Wipes are sooo easy to make and they work really well when using Cloth Nappies, as you can just wipe little one down, leave it in the nappy, roll it all up and leave it in your nappy pail or nappy bag, until you wash.

You can buy them already made. But you can also make a bunch of them in just an hour or 2 (depending on how many cups of coffee you wish to squeeze in whilst making them, hehe).

things you will need to make cloth wipes

Things you will Need:

  • Fleece
  • Terry Towelling
  • Template
  • Marker
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread

There is lots of Fabrics you can use, like Flannel, Terry Bamboo, Terry Cotton, Microfibre, Polar Fleece, Micro Fleece, Cotton for example. Old Towels are great for making wipes out of also.

I bought my fleece blanket from Ikea for £1.60!!! and its HUGE so ill get quite a few wipes out of that. The Terry Cotton i got from the Charity Shop that my mum works at. There actually Terry nappies the square type that use to be used years ago and you would fold into a triangle and then somehow wrap it around the baby and secure with a safety pin!.. My mums charity shop cant sell these nappies so i was only to happy to take them from her and make a little donation. Ive made myself a Card Template and i decided that a overall length and width of a wipe i would like would be 7″x7″. Because i was sewing my wipes inside out i needed to add a seam allowance of 1/4 to each edge, so my template was 7 and a half” x 7 and a half”.

Here is how I made them:
how to make cloth wipes steps 1-7

Steps 1-7:

  1. I made a Card Template so that I could just place it on top of my fabric, draw round it and cut it out. Each Wipe consists of two pieces (top and a bottom) of fabric. I had Fleece for my top and Terry Towelling for the bottom.
  2. Place right sides together and align the edges up nice and neat. You can pin these together to make things easier and sew all the way around leaving a 3″ gap along one edge. (this is used to pull your wipe the right way out)
  3. Snip the corners off diagonally. Which will help when turning the wipe the right way round without the fabric bulking up in the corners.
  4. Pull the wipe the right way out, by pulling it all the way through the 3″ gap. Use the pointy end of your scissors to push out the corners.
  5. Tuck the fleece and Terry Cotton in on the 3″ Gap that you left and pin it closed
  6. Sew over the gap and continue all the way around. I used a 1/4 width seam
  7. All done!!!

Lots of DIY cloth wipes

Repeat steps 1-7 to create lots and lots of wipes! I ended up making 50 of them, so I had enough to use that allowed me to wash every couple of days.

Do you use Cloth Wipes???

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