Layla's New Pram – Mamas & Papas – Sola Plum Petal

So recently I decided that I had enough of the prams I had already for Layla, which were a bugaboo cameleon and bee+… I need something that combined both they good points.

Bugaboo cameleon
The good points I found on the cameleon is how high the seat rides, also good coverage from the hood, bumper bar to attach toys etc too and also a nice smooth bump free ride.

Bad points for me, was the seat unit is constantly in a sitting position, whether the seat unit was sat up or fully reclined, 2-part fold which got annoying very quickly, due to the way the handlebar is used I.e it can flip forward or back for smooth or rough terrain there was always an inch play in movement with the handle, the basket was very awkward to access not too bad when using the seat unit, but almost impossible with the carrycot on which usually resulted in me sitting on the floor to just get things in it :/

Bugaboo bee+

The good points about the bee+ for me was that, the handle felt very secure, the seat unit laid very flat so great for newborns, pushed very smooth on smooth ground like shopping centres, folded up in one piece, basket easy to get too.

The bad points, seat felt very open and also quite low down, quite fiddly to unfold the pushchair when the seat is fitted facing parent, as the footrest visually covers the break step that you need to push your foot on when pulling it up into place, it’s made even harder to do when it’s raining as your foot slides about. The crotch strap was on its most extended? Which seems insane as Layla is a petite 13 week old baby, I couldn’t imagine a bee+ fitting a child when there 3 years old :/. Rough terrain (well pavements) I felt the bee clattered and juddered along often resulted in waking Layla up, canopy doesn’t offer much protection.

Well I decided enough was enough, I just wanted a pram/pushchair that actually combined the good points from those two all rolled into one. After researching as you do, I came across the mamas & papas sola! A found a gorgeous one in purple and pink called plum petal.

When I found it the price had been reduced from £319 to £258!!! Bargain…. So I quickly darted to mamas and papas in Teesside park to have a good old play about and I instantly fell in love with it, I tried Layla in it, she was talking and laughing away to the flowers on the inside of the hood haha, she’s very easily pleased.


Layla sat watching very patiently whilst I build the sola

It took around 10minutes to build this very straightforward as most of it was built already, only needed to attach wheels and bumper 🙂
My mum bought Layla the matching seat liner for £15.00 which is a fab price! It’s also reversible


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