Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Breastfeeding Nipple Cream – REVIEW

When I was baby shopping whilst pregnant with Layla, I often visited the essentials aisle’s and bought the “Essentials”, Nappies, Wipes, Cotton wool etc. I often seen the small purple cardboard box of Lansinoh Lanolin Cream on the shelves but never purchased any, I wasn’t overly sure that I would need it and at £9.99 for a small tube I thought I’m probably best to wait till Layla arrives, then if I need it ill get some.

Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream

I had Layla and when Day 3 came around, my nipples were sore excruciatingly painful, there were cracked, bleeding and even the thought of Breastfeeding Layla filled me with absolute dread. The pain got so unbearable I made Lee take me to get some Lansinoh Lanolin Cream as soon as the shop opened! I gently squeezed a small amount out when I was surprised to find that the cream is more like a balm and is fairly thick. Your instructed to warm it up slightly by rubbing two fingers together so that it softens the Lanolin and then simply smooth it on. I applied a generous amount and the relief was just Instant!!! It was the best feeling in the WORLD, and at that moment in time £9.99 played no part in anything! I would of paid any price just to get that soothing relief I so needed.


I used the Lanolin Cream every time Layla nursed and it was great that I could still Breastfeed her without having to remove it, Layla didn’t seem to mind that it was there either. After a few days my nipples were back to normal and we continued to Breastfeed like a Pro! We recently hit our 9month Breastfeeding Milestone and I do believe that Lansinoh Lanolin Cream has played a Huge part in our success, it certainly helped us get through those very early days.

The Lansinoh Lanolin Tube in the picture is almost 9months old, we have used it quite often whilst breastfeeding and for other problem areas. There is still quite a lot of Lanolin left so don’t be deceived by its size, you only need to use a very small amount.

Its not just for sore Nipples, you can use it on absolutely anything. Here is a few things I’ve tried it on:

  • Sore little bums, whenever I’ve seen Laylas Bottom going abit red and sore looking, I apply a generous amount and it clears up
  • Sore Cracked lips, my lips have been so dry this winter, apply just a small amount and instantly soothes
  • Ive applied it to cuts and scratches on both the boys, there is no fragrance etc to the cream so it doesn’t sting
  • Also when Daddy burnt his hand on the cooker rack, it instantly soothed the burning

I recommend this to any Breastfeeding Mummy as a total MUST BUY!

4 thoughts on “Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Breastfeeding Nipple Cream – REVIEW

  1. Colette

    This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t have carried on breastfeeding my first baby without it! (It’s also great on your lips!)
    Thanks for linking up this week


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