Just another School Run.

This morning started out like any other normal weekday when you have children of school age, even though this event should be down to a super fine art it always buggers up.

so today started at 7:00am!! This is like a sleep in for me usually, but being awake half an hour before the alarm clock goes off is absolute rubbish. So anyways I decide to browse the wonderful world of Internet, eBay and Next seem to be my most go to window-shopping-internet-fancy places when I’m skint (I’ve got 4 kids I’m always skint!) Then that horrid bloody alarm clock goes off, can’t believe I’ve just laid there browsed for half an hour when I could of been asleep (dipstick comes to mind)

Well best rally the troops. Luckily Ashton loves being up early so is up and having breakfast, Daulton yeah not so much he’s absolutely sparko in bed. Get downstairs and it looks like a mini bomb has exploded, totally forgot that I decided to start the decorating lastnight and that I just left everything out (obviously!!) so sit down to breastfeed littleman Teo and then I hear the not so quiet footsteps from Layla coming downstairs dragging her Peppa Pig teddy bear that’s as big as her. So she comes running into the room shouting at the top of her voice “I’ve had a Big POO” Ahhhh brilliant wondered where that smell was coming from.

So after the smelly bum clean up, Layla plonks her butt on the settee and barks her usual orders, blankie, milkies and IPad (obviously!). I put Teo in his Jumperoo in the hope that he might just be entertained enough so I can get the packed lunch ready for Ashton. Obviously Teo being Teo he kicks off within a second as if he’s just totally been abandoned and thrown to the wolves. So yeah you guessed right, he’s out the Jumperoo and I’m holding him on my hip whilst trying to butter Ashtons bread and rifle through the cupboards to see what we’ve got to bulk his pack lunch out, don’t shoot me but hula hoops and breakfast crunchy bars are on the agenda today. (Make note to self I must give fruit tomorrow!). So I’ve managed to do the pack lunch with a child stuck to my hip, yay go me!

So now the fun begins, daulton is up finally! Morning son nice of you to join us. Ashton just asked for the 5th time “mam do I need uniform?” (I’m tempted to say no, it’s Birthday suit day at school today, must resist the urge haha) so of course I shout up again, yes you need all your uniform!!! Thankfully the 6th time I get through and he’s down fully ready! Woahhhhhhh success. But uh oh “have you brushed your teeth and washed your face?” “Oh no mam I forgot” seriously??? How many times do you need telling! Well off you trot back upstairs…

Daulton shouts down the same thing, “so I need uniform?” Like seriously??? Did you not hear me repeating myself over and over telling your younger brother who was literally stood 10cms away from you, that YES you need uniform!!! Arghhhhhhh lol. So now we have established the whole uniform thing… Can we please get shoes on?? Ashton is straight down, shoes on and hair gelled, Daulton??? He’s disappeared, where’s he gone! Goes upstairs and he’s laid in bed watching a DVD? WTF since when was watching a DVD in bed on a school day morning become a new thing?? (Really?!).

So we’re literally on the home straight, the  kids are ready, the pack lunch is packed, the bags are sorted, the shoes and coats are on… Just as I think yay I’ve got this covered, Ashton pipes up “Mam I need my P.E kit” honestly??? Like you couldn’t of told me lastnight? Or even when you got up this morning? So I race upstairs frantically trying to find this said P.E kit, I know I’ve washed it, I’ve got it! Right in the bag and back downstairs… Whoosh they done, I’m done and it’s 8:30am look at that I’m just the master of school runs.

8:30am, stick the kettle on (only super strong coffee will do!!!) sit back and think “omg is it bedtime yet?” Haha

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