Just a little update from me!

Hey everyone, i thought it was time I did a mini update.. I’ve sort of been abit AWOL and I guess just real life has taken over my little bloggy 🙁

Recently has been so hectic! Doing house improvements and looking after the kids that the blog has sadly had to go on a go slow pace. I’m gutted that my blog has suffered ever so slightly… But obviously my priorities have to be my children.

I regrettably gave up on doing the project365, although I’m still taking pictures I just couldn’t find the time to get my posts done 🙁 But me and lee have made new real life friends so have been out and about socialising. (Which of course has been very nice!)

To add to things, lee broke his ankle! So he’s laid up for 6 weeks. So that means I’m having to do everything and look after him… Which is slightly annoying (it’s his own stupid fault!) as it means I have even less time to myself 🙁

Now of course the kids are off school for 6 weeks :/ need I say anymore? Haha

so yes that sums up my life right now and I’m hoping very shortly to be returning to my blog full time 😀 x

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