I got a Next VIP Sale Slot!! & bagged some Bargains

This year I was very surprised to see that I was allowed to book a VIP slot on my Next account!!! Eeeek. I’ve always wondered how people got these and was a tad bit jealous, as I like bargains too.


I had a fairly late slot on the 22nd December at 9pm, so leading up to this date I could preview everything that was going to be included in the Next Sale and how much, but I couldn’t purchase these until my slot came up. I kept refreshing the page as I wanted a few bits for the kids and I had my eye on a lovely pair of hunter wellies. But as my slot got closer and closer, I noticed lots of things being sold to people with earlier slots.

So I did start off with a fairly long list of what I wanted, but by the time my slot came I was only lucky enough to grab 3 items. Which I still cant believe I was able to do. I got some Hunter wellies in Wisteria (Lilac) for me! and some Hunter Welly socks for the boys Hunter Wellies that there already have. Everything was half the price, so I got my Wellies for a bargain of £18.00!!! and the boys socks for £9.00 each!!! Absolute Bargain.


I got the Boys the Union Jack Knitted Fleece Socks. They navy fleece on the inside and the knitted part is just on the top which folds over the top of the wellies, makes them more snug and warmer! I must get me-self some.


Aren’t they Pretty??? I just need it to rain or snow so I can wear them out and about… Known my luck we will have glorious sunshine from now on (If only! lol)

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