Huge Proud Mammy Moment from My Best Boys! – #MagicMoments

My Children are just the BEST kids in the entire world!!! well, apart from when they fighting either eachother and they totally ignore me when im telling them off for jumping on the settee for the 100th time that day! haha

Last week we had a Fab week!!!… as you can probably see here.

ashton certificate times tables
Ashton came out of school smiling like a Cheshire Cat! Last Thursday, Which I love as it often means he’s either got a Golden Star or a Certificate. This time he had Certificate!!! Not just any Certificate but a one for Maths. Ashtons strongest point is reading and writing, he’s at a level higher than his peers! (totally not gloating at all here lol). So this was a Big Deal for him!. He had practiced sooo hard whilst on his 1 week school holidays… He was sooo proud and we are too 😀

daulton school certificate writer of the week

Daulton also Received a Certificate the following day on Friday. Daulton is a more reserved “Cool Dude” type of kid. He tell’s me nothing!. I only knew he had a certificate because Ashton raced towards him shouting “Daulton, show mam what you got in assembly!”… To which he went “oh yeah, here” :/ Thanx son.

Daultons Strongest subject is Mathematics, his writing has struggled.. But finally he has buckled down and yay!!! 😀

Such a Huge Proud Mammy Moment! I walked out of that school yard on Thursday and Friday with the Biggest smile on my Face!!! 😀

11 thoughts on “Huge Proud Mammy Moment from My Best Boys! – #MagicMoments

  1. jollyjillys

    Well done to your children. Don’t you just love it when your kids do well lol. I have a post about mine on my blog todaY as well so great minds think alike lol. Have a fab week

  2. mummystodolist

    Well done to your boys and what fab looking certificates they give these days. Maths was always my least favourite at school so can imagine how pleased Ashton must have felt when the hard work paid off.

  3. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    French schools have yet to cotton on to the fact that certificates are a brilliant motivational tools which is such a pity. Never mind – we did our own instead 🙂


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