How to: Upcycle your Babies Sleepsuits into Bibs

Layla has recently outgrew her 6-9Months sleep suits, she’s such a messy eater and her food ends up all over her clothes and its always those foods that stain remover just cant shift. I really dislike throwing things away, especially when 9 times out of 10 there still ok and fit for purpose, I couldn’t even take these to the charity shop as I know there would just be thrown away (I mean who would want to buy a chocolate stained Baby sleep suit?)

Then I thought well why I don’t I up cycle these into Bibs??

This is how I did it:

So here we have one of Layla’s Chocolate covered sleep suits, somehow she has even got chocolate on the feet part? I have no idea how she does it. Anyways I’ve tried alsorts of stain remover and nothing has worked, so the sleep suit was put in the bag of other clothing bits that was destined for the bin. The back part of the sleepsuit was nice and clean, so that was the part I used to make the bib. It cost me nothing but 30minutes of my time.
So things you will need are:
– Donor Sleepsuit
– Old Towel or Shop bought Terry towelling
– A bib to draw round to make a template
– Scissors
– Paper & Pencil
– Bias Binding
– Pins
– Thread
– Poppers or Velcro for the Fastener
01: Draw around your preferred Bib onto Paper and Cut it out.

02: I found the back part of the sleep suit was stain free and big enough for my paper pattern to fit on, Pin your pattern into place.

03: Cut out your sleep suit and also a piece of towelling.
04: Place both pieces on top of one another, wrong sides together (this means the back of both pieces should be touching each other)

05: Secure these pieces together by pining all the way around, I put my pins in so there sticking out and I find I can sew all the way around without having to taking them out, keeps everything to together nice.

06: Using the zig-zag stitch go all the way around the edge, this helps to keep the edges under control and also helps with trying to attach the Bias-Binding.

07: Once you have sewed all the way around, take out the pins. Trim off any loose threads or excess fabric.
A lot of people don’t really like Bias Binding and it can be abit tricky to get the hang off, you can buy a Bias Binding footer, but you don’t need too. I always use my normal foot for the job. The key to good Bias Binding is to take your time.
This is how I do it:

08: Before you sew the bias binding on, fold it over and flatted the fold with your finger.

09: Slightly open the Bias Binding and slide your sewn up bib right into the groove of the fold you already created.

10: Hold it down flat and guide it through as you sew bit by bit.

11: Before you get to the end, trim the Bias Binding leaving a little bit at the end. Fold this under and sew to the end.

12: I used poppers for my fastening, only because I have quite a big stash of them in my craft storage. You can use Velcro and just stitch a square or a circle on. If using popper you will need 2x Caps and 1x Male and 1x Female.

13: Using your awl Tool, poke a hole through your bib where you want to position your popper.

14: Press your popper with your clamp, I used a Hand Clamp and secure your popper into place.


Happy Up-Cycling 😀

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