How to tell the difference between – Bugaboo Rear Wheels

It can be quite tricky to tell which model Bugaboo you have. One sure fire way of finding out, is to look at the pattern of the rubber tread. Some wheels are air and foam filled.

Please see the examples below for guidance:

Bugaboo Rear Wheel - Frog... Air Filled

Bugaboo Rear Wheel – Frog… Air Filled… The tread looks like little raised square type shapes.

Bugaboo Rear Wheel - Cameleon1 & Gecko... Air Filled

Bugaboo Rear Wheel – Cameleon1 & Gecko… Air Filled. These can be found on the cameleon1 and Gecko, notice how the tread is now grooved into the rubber in a sort or triangle shape.

Bugaboo Rear Wheel - Cameleon2... Foam Filled

Bugaboo Rear Wheel – Cameleon2… Foam Filled. The tread is grooved and in a half circle along the edges all the way around.

Bugaboo Rear Wheel - Cameleon3... Foam Filled

Bugaboo Rear Wheel – Cameleon3… Foam Filled. The tread looks identical to the cameleon 2 tyres but notice the inner black spokes which are a lot thicker and the axle is all metal.

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