How to: Create Beautiful Baby PhotoShoot for FREE

How to Create a Free Baby Photoshoot

I got the inspiration to do my own Baby Photoshoot of Layla after we had visited Mothercare. There had a Photo booth in the store (which I never ever knew about and ive been to that store hundreds of times over the years!) Anyways the sales assistant grabbed our attention by offering a FREE photoshoot session and a FREE photo. So of course we were more than happy to participate only we hadn’t realised just how expensive the other photos would be!.. They had different package deals but roughly came to a whopping £1,000 but we got a discount that took it down to £400.00!! Mega Saving, but even £400 is a lot of money in my eyes especially when you’ve just had a baby and still need to buy things.

How to: Create Beautiful Baby PhotoShoot for FREE

So I decided to create my own Photoshoot of Layla at home with just my 14MP Digital Camera. I placed my V-Shape pillow on the floor in the living room where we get the most natural daylight coming through. I then placed her fluffy pink cupcake blanket over it with some cushions from the settee under the corners of the blanket so that I got more of the blanket in the photos rather than our carpet.

I decided to do naked photos as i wanted a more natural looking photo and how can you resist taking a picture of that lovely brand new baby skin. If you do decide on the Naked photoshoot make sure baby is kept warm, as when babies there cant regulate they body temperature and can become cold very quickly.

Take hundreds of pictures from alsorts of angles etc, as later on you can just go through them all and pick the best ones. Once I went through all the pictures I found my best ones, I uploaded them to photobucket and used their free software to edit the pictures.

I love what ive created so much that ive used this image for my Blogs Badge… The best bit is, Totally 100% FREE.

So what do you reckon, will you create your own Beautiful Baby Photoshoot??

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