How to resolve Renault Megane Lights issue

Arghhhhhh bloody cars! We love them when they work and get us to places quickly… But boy when they go wrong, they just go catastrophically wrong!

Our car (Renault Megane) it’s mot was due… So we took it in to be tested and expected it to past, yeh right! It had failed on its lights. The front and back near side lights weren’t working. We had no idea as we don’t tend to drive at night.

So we got some new bulbs and meganes are a nightmare to change the front as you need to remove the wheel to get access :/… But anyways it wasn’t the bulb…

We had noticed though that the lights on the radio and blower dials had gone out, so we thought oh no is it an electrical issue and so it might have to go to renault to get sorted which would cost a bomb!

Anyways we went on mr google and found lots of other Renault car owners who had the same issue and it turned out to be a fuse in the engine bay.


You need to remove the battery to gain access to the fuses…


The fuse is located in the top black plastic box, you need to remove the cover…


The fuse is the top one it’s a 7.5amp… Simply pull it out and replace with a new one….

And here is the culprit…


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