How To: Remove Scratches from a Bugaboo Chassis – Quick & Easy

How to remove scratches from a Bugaboo chassis quick and easy

How do you remove scratches from a Bugaboo Chassis??? Ever wondered the exact same? well here i will show you how.

Ive seen alot of people asking how to remove scratches from their Bugaboo Chassis and ive also seen alot of suggestions like: Magic Eraser sponges, green scourers, Bleach, Old Toothbrush, Metal Scourers, Barkeepers Polish, Cif, Bicarbonate of Soda, Soda Crystals (just to name a few).

I try to avoid using hazardous chemicals as much as i can, especially when it comes to cleaning something that my daughter will be using. So i decided to try out the most Top Suggested Products:

The Magic Eraser Sponge:

how to remove scratches from a bugaboo bee+ magic eraser

The Magic Eraser Sponge is used by taking a small bit off, dampen with clean water and rub allover the affected area. The Sponge will shrink as you use it, this is normal and shows that its working. There are also brilliant to remove marks from walls, skirting boards, doors, floors etc the list is endless.

You can Purchase some of these from Here:

Magic Eraser Sponges – For Chemical Free Stain and Mark Removal.

Doktor Power Magic Eraser


The Green Scourer:

how to remove scratches from a bugaboo chassis with a green scourer

The Green Scourer you can find in most households. If not you can buy them in packs from supermarkets, Morrisons sell them in packs of 4 for 15p!!!dampen with clean water and rub backwards and forwards over the scratches. Try to avoid any of the plastics as it could mark those.

Have you tried Magic Erasers or Green Scourers on your Bugaboo Chassis? If so i would love to hear how you got on x

5 thoughts on “How To: Remove Scratches from a Bugaboo Chassis – Quick & Easy

      1. Sara Maki

        Hi Leanne! I have a Peg Perego stroller and the frame is white. Seems prone to scratches, I think from the flights. I will try the magic eraser, unless there is something else that you would now recommend? I see this post is 3 years old. Thanks!

        1. Leanne Post author

          Hi… I would give the Magic eraser a try. Not sure where you are in the world, But in the UK we have a scouring solution called CIF… Its like cream with tiny abrasive particles for stubborn cleaning. Maybes see if you can try this?

  1. Johanna

    Could you please e-mail me?
    I have ordered a new bugaboo and have some questions that I hope you could answer.. 🙂
    Best Regards


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