How to: Remove Mildew from Bugaboo Fabrics – Quick & Easy

How to remove mildew from Bugaboo Fabrics Quick & Easy


Ever wondered how to remove mildew from Bugaboo Fabrics???

Mildew is a bacteria that grows because fabrics when wet from the rain etc haven’t had a chance to dry out fully. It can be quite a pain to get out as just normal washing in washer machine or soaking overnight wont be able to get rid of it.

For years ive been abit of a self confessed Pramaholic and i would 99% of pre-loved prams ive purchased have some degree of mould/mildew. Ive tried everything on the market! and yes some of them have worked but with alot of effort, cost and time!


How to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics with thick bleach

Then one day i got sick and fed up and when i ran out of the Expensive Mould & Mildew Remover, i turned to my kitchen cupboard and pulled out the Cheap Morrisons Thick Bleach.

The results happened in-front of my eyes and because the fabric is a Polyester Waterproof blend, it wont strip the colour. I was absolutely amazed, because i didn’t have to do anything at all and after 20 minutes it was gone completely!

So here is the results:

How to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics pour it on


Simply pour on the Thick Bleach Neat and apply a generous amount so it covers over all of the mildew. There is no need to rub it, scrub it or anything else for that matter, just pour it on and let it work its magic.

This is bleach so take pre-caution, use in a well ventilated area/room and do not mix any other chemical in with the bleach as this can be dangerous to your health.


How to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics 5 mins


After 5 minutes you can visually see the mildew dissolving, there is still lots of it left, so ill leave it for another 5 minutes.


How to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics 10 mins


10 minutes has now elapsed and there are still a few spots of Mildew, so ill leave it for another 5 mins.
How to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics 15mins


After 15 minutes there is now just the odd spot of Mildew, but ill leave it for another 5 mins and then check on it.


How to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics 20mins


So 20 minutes has now passed and after a good rinse of warm clean water, the mildew has totally vanished!!!
Once your happy with the results, wash your fabrics thoroughly. I wash them on a Long cycle in the washing machine that will do a few rinses of the fabrics which will then neutralize the bleach and give the fabrics a lovely fresh smell again.


how to remove mildew from bugaboo fabrics before and after

Have you given this a try??? Let me know, id love to hear πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “How to: Remove Mildew from Bugaboo Fabrics – Quick & Easy

  1. Alison

    Thank you so much for the advice on how to get mould off the bugaboo fabric. I tried it last night and I am amazed at results. It looks as good as new! I would never have had the nerve to use the bleach on it if I hadn’t read your post. Thanks again!

  2. Maria

    Need some help!
    I hand Washed bugaboo bee seat , canopy and farm with water, fairy non bio, soaked for 6mins then rinse in the bath tub.
    And put in the sun to dry, the canopy seat now has white marks everywhere on the fabric. How can I get it off and restore to back to its black colour?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi… sounds like you have locked in soap when you have washed the fabrics… Simply re-wash the fabrics but without detergent and give it a good few spins and then air dry πŸ™‚ x

  3. Charlotte

    Brilliant tip. Husband put my buggy into the shed to store it and when it came up tonight it was covered in black spot mould. I thought it was a lost cause as have never been able to clean that type of mould before, but I just used bleach and it’s come up spotless!! Thank you ☺️

  4. Erika

    I’m wondering if a thick bleach will help me with a stain I picked up at the airport. I had to check the bassinet (I know this was my first mistake!), and it was returned to me with a large black oil mark. I haven’t even used it yet, so I am really hoping to get that out before I have to use it.

  5. Dorris J Smelley

    Hey, Indeed a nice post to have come across, I must admit that you have done a great work.
    I often use the Mildew Removal Spray but the results are not up to the mark.
    Next time, I will definitely use the mildew remover suggested by you in order to get my fabric as clean as a new one.
    I will also recommend it to my friends.

    Thanks.. Keep sharing..

  6. Em

    Would this work on the canvas type seat material? I have a sand coloured seat Base and basket (under the buggy) that have got mould stains on them. So not easily washable :/ any other ideas really gratefully received!!


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