HOW TO: Re-Black your Pushchair Plastics

howtoreblackpramOver the years I’ve learnt a lot from my “Pram Addiction!” haha… (mainly how its affected my bank balance lol) but also how to clean, maintain and make any pram Gleam!

I’ve found that when you come to clean a chassis with matt (non shiny) black plastics, there tend to go abit dull/grey and if there is any scratches or scuffs to the plastics then these tend to go even lighter.

I have tried rubbing them over with furniture polish in a hope to restore them, but I’ve noticed that tends to dry out within minutes and then your back to square one.

One night I was sat brushing shoe polish into Daultons and Ashtons school shoes for the next morning when I had a light bulb moment!… Ooooo I wonder if I put some of this on my prams plastics it may just make them look black again? and yup it sure did!…

woohooo finally I found something that i could use, that didn’t cost the earth and that i had already. When i use the shoe polish, i make sure the plastics are nice and clean, then apply generous amounts of polish on a soft cloth and apply in circular movements. I keep doing this until I’ve got the plastics as black as i possibly can. When you have done that, with another clean soft cloth buff up the plastics to A, remove excess polish and B, to give the plastics a nice shiny lustre!

Once you have buffed up the plastics, the polish wont transfer onto humans or fabric. It will also last for a short while and so maybes once a month re-touch to keep your Pram Gleaming 🙂



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