1 thought on “How to make your own Bugaboo Donkey Hood Canopy – Jade Green Fabrics

  1. Joanna

    Hi, I recently brought a second hand bugaboo and they posted a picture that must have been enhanced, I asked my step mum to collect as she lived closer to this town than I did. When I went to collect the donkey a few weeks later the hoods were more faded than the pictures. I complained to the woman and explained that I have only just seen the item I brought and she said if I had a issue I should have brought it up sooner and she has now spent the money. To the point I cannot justify so much money for hoods, I’ve been looking at your blog. I’m trying to make new hoods but it’s not going very well. Any tips of getting the measurements without taking apart a hood? Thank you in advance.

    Jo, soon to be a first time twin mum x


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