How to make your very own Bugaboo Donkey Hood and Finding/Using Fabrics to Use – Part Three


The Best part when it comes to making anything is choosing what fabrics that your going to use. Layla has this beautiful Cupcake blanket that she’s had from birth, so I’ve centred my colour scheme for her around this blanket.

Ive decided to go with Soft pink outer fabric with Quilted Grey Melange underneath/inside for a striking contrast and also Grey is a very must have colour right now.

PARTS: (check back later to find links to future posts on the below bullet points)

The best fabrics to go for is something without stretch, which sounds really strange but i find stretch fabrics an absolute nightmare to work with and avoid using them on projects where possible. The Bugaboo Donkey Hood is very fitted, taught and strong so something like Cotton, poly-cotton or waterproof polyester.

If you do use Cotton then obviously this isn’t waterproof, if you want to make the hood waterproof simply cut out 1x piece of white ripstop material and sandwich that inside the outer and inside fabrics.


I literally hunted everywhere for the correct shade of Pink fabric and failed. So the next best thing i could do was to get some 2x metres of cream 100% cotton fabric and a box of Dylon Powder Pink Fabric Dye – Washer friendly.


Its such a simple process to dye your Fabric. Simply empty the contents of the dye packet in the drum of your washer, then pour over 500grams of salt, chuck in your fabric and set your washer to do a 40 degree cycle.

once the cycle has finish, add a little detergent and do another 40 degree cycle to make sure that everything is all rinsed thoroughly and that your washer is free of dye. Once you’ve got your fabric out of the washer, just simply allow it to dry either in a tumble drier or line dry etc.


Once the fabric has dried, id suggest to give it a good iron over to get rid of any creases (obviously i haven’t yet ironed mine lol) I always find it a lot easier to get rid of creases NOW whilst the fabric is flat. It also makes sure that your fabric is true to size and won’t shrink or grow once you have made your Hood.

I can’t rate Dylon Dyes highly enough!, there absolutely fantastic and super easy to do!. The colours are so vibrant and look exactly like the colour on the box.

Check back soon to find other parts on this series on How to Make your Own Bugaboo Donkey Hood.

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