How to: Make a Bugaboo Bee+ Hood – Instructions

How to make your own Bugaboo Bee Hood

Here i will show you How to make your own Bugaboo Bee+ Hood.

Im a HUGE lover of Bugaboo’s so much so i have 2 of them, a Cameleon3 and a Bee+. Unfortunately im not a lover of just plain jane things and so sometimes they plain coloured hoods just wont do, if your the same why not make your own?

First things first:

You need a pattern, i bought a badly faded Khaki Bee+ hood from Ebay for about £10 and when it arrived i took it all apart. I ironed it all flat and used those pieces as my pattern. (It is abit sad that you have to sacrifice a hood, but it enables you to have a perfect shaped pattern).

Bugaboo only uses one piece of fabric for the Bee+ hood, but here I’ve used 2 pieces of the same fabric so the hood is lined, you could of course use 2 different fabrics for a great contrast.

You Will Need (Click on each item below to purchase):

How to make a Bugaboo Bee hood Cut out your fabrics

When you have took apart your old Bugaboo Bee+ Hood, Iron the pieces flat and use these pieces as a template to cut out your New fabric. (I normally pin the pieces on top of my fabric and then cut them out.)

When you have cut out your fabric you should have:

  • A. Front Section x2 (1x Outer & 1x Lining)
  • B. Middle Section x2 (1x Outer & 1x Lining)
  • C. Back Section x2 (1x Outer & 1x Lining making sure you have marked the Button hole positions)
  • D. Hood Rod x1
  • E. Hood Rod x1

How to make a bugaboo hood Back section

Grab both Back Sections and with wrong sides together, If your unsure what Wrong Sides Together mean, check out this website (HERE), sew all the way around in a straight stitch using a 1/4 seam allowance.

On the Outside Edge ONLY sew a 3cm thickness line going around the edge (this is the pocket casing for the plastic tubing to go through)

How to make a Bugaboo bee hood attach the hood rod sections

Grab A & B Lining Sections ONLY and also D & E sections.

On both D & E Sections turn over the ends and sew them closed using a 1/2 seam allowance.

Then attach them to the Lining Fabrics and sew along the outer edge using a 1/4 seam allowance. Fold under the opposite edge of D & E and stitch this down onto the Lining Fabric.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood outer and lining fabrics together

Now with Sections A & B grab there Outer Sections and with Wrong Sides together sew all the way around the edges with a 1/4 seam allowance.

Then with wrong sides pin together edges Marked (<–A-B–> and <–B-A–>) then sew along that edge using a 1/4 seam allowance.

Now Both A&B Sections should be attached to each-other and starting to resemble a Hood.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood attach the back section

In the same way you attached Sections A&B together, do the exact same for C. Back Section.

With wrong sides together… Pin (<–B-C–> with the Outer edge of C Section) and Sew along that edge using a 1/4 seam allowance.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood insert plastic tubing rod

Now with your 4mm Plastic Tubing, feed it all the way through your 3cm Casing Pocket that you created on C.Back Section Then stitch this closed so that it doesn’t pop back out.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood bias binding the seams

Sew your Bias Binding along the seams ONLY that you have just created, which is A-B and B-C.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood attach the elastic

Now is the time to attach your elastic.

Your Elastic should be placed like the above picture, folded over and facing inside the hood. These should be attached at either end of Seam A-B.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood bias binding all the way around

Grabbing your Bias Binding Once again simply sew it all the way around the edges using a 1/2 seam allowance.

You should now have something that looks like the above picture.

how to make your your own bugaboo bee hood button holes in back section

Were almost done, but lastly we need to sew Button holes along the bottom edge of the Back section there should be 6 in total.

Then with a seam ripper or small scissors cut the holes.

How to make a bugaboo bee hood all finished
There we go! Your very own Custom Handmade Bugaboo Bee+ Hood! 
Welldone x

17 thoughts on “How to: Make a Bugaboo Bee+ Hood – Instructions

  1. Abby

    HI, I bought a bugaboo bee today without lining or hood, do you have a copy of the hood pattern you used that you would be able to share?

    Thanks Abby

    1. Leanne

      Your welcome, yeh you can purchase the tubing from eBay, there should be a link on my post somewhere that takes you directly to the right tubing that you need.. Will double check this. X

    2. Leanne Post author

      Heres the link:

  2. Me

    Have you made an extendable canopy? I am thinking about extending my current canopy, but I don’t know if the second and third sections would be the same or different? and current extendable hood prices make it not so realistic to find a cheap one 🙁
    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi, I haven’t as of yet made an Extendable hood. But i am currently in the middle of making a Bugaboo Donkey hood and i did think about making it an extendable one. I have had an Extendable Cameleon3 Hood and on inspection, i noticed that the rear panel was the same as the extended panel. So in a long winded reply lol, Yes the second and third sections are the same :). I hope this helps x

  3. Charlotte

    Have you done this for a bugaboo cameleon? I would love to try it myself but don’t know where i would find the measurements for it to do it xxx

  4. HannaK

    Hi! I’m absolutely in love with this canopy <3 That pattern, linings.. Just perfect! Unfortunately I haven't been plessed with a sewing skills so I was just wondering if in any chance you'll sell one that you have made? I have Bugaboo Buffalo and would love the extendable one. I live in Finland btw 🙂

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi Hanna, Unfortunately i don’t have a Buffalo to make one to sell… Have you joined some Bugaboo Facebook Groups? i find these are great for sourcing Custom Makers on making you a personalised custom’d hood canopy 🙂

      1. HannaK

        Oh, that’s a shame. I really liked your way of making these. Actually I’m part of a Finnish Bugaboo group on Facebook and because of that I have the Buffalo in the first place 😀 Dangerous place to join indeed.. I’ll just keep searching my dream canopy, thanks anyway! 🙂

  5. alice

    hi, i have a bugaboo red stroller eaten by the sun, it used to be red now its horrible i bough tit for 35 is there a way to make the seat as well? thank you

    im thinking giving sun cover to someone who sews and see if she can make it for me ! great info thanks.


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