How to: Create a keepsake memory box

I’ve often been asked how I created Layla’s memory box? Where did I purchase the things to make one?


Here I will tell you how… It was pretty simple to do and cost no more than £20.00. The very first moments of any babies life should be kept and cherished forever!…

Anyways onto the keepsake box, I bought a deep framed white photo frame from ikea Ribba at £3.50 you could of course paint this in any colour you want, add abit of glitter etc etc for a even more personal touch!…

Layla’s photo was done by myself you can find the tutorial on how I did it Here it was totally free, well apart from paying 15p to get the image printed at a boots shop.

Her headband again I made myself, you can find that tutorial Here it took me all of 10mins to make, and I used odd bits of yarn and fold over elastic.

Her hand and foot were, you guessed right done by me :)… I seen some companies floating about who would of liked to do them for me, but my motto is, “if I can do it myself, I will!”… And so I did… I bought a casting kit off eBay Click Here. The first attempt I did, didn’t exactly go to plan! The alginate sort of set abit too quick, way to quick to get Layla’s hand in… But the 2nd attempt is what’s in her photo box! Then you pour plaster of Paris into your cast, leave it to set once fully dry then you can paint it :). I went for the gold, as I’ve seen silver castings and there not so easy on the eye, I’m usually a silver person… But I didn’t like how dark there looked once painted. So anyways really like the gold gives it a sort of softness appeal.

The letter and numbers that I used to create her name and date of birth, were purchased from a local craft shop, and there were just on a sheet of plastic, lots of letters from A-Z including numbers for 99p, there had a sticky back, so it as just a simple case of peel and stick :)…

I’m quite chuffed with how it turned out and it’s something to cherish forever!


2 thoughts on “How to: Create a keepsake memory box

  1. Lizzy - Muddle-Headed Mamma

    This is so beautiful, Leanne. I can’t believe you did it all for less than 20 pounds. When she’s older, she’s going to love and appreciate it so much knowing that you did every bit of it yourself. You’re really talented! Layla is just a few weeks younger than my daughter Annalisa 🙂

    1. Leanne

      Awww thank you hunnie… Im a very sentimental person and wanted to keep everything in one place and of course protect them for years to come 😀 awww when was annalisa born? x


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