How to Spray Paint your Bugaboo Bee+ Chassis Black


I have always wanted a Black Bugaboo Bee+ Chassis but unfortunately I’ve never been able to afford one :(… The Black chassis’s are always that bit more from Bugaboo and with many other Pram Brands really, the Silver/Aluminium Chassis’s are that bit cheaper. Ive always had my eye on a Black chassis for along as i can remember and the rush of gorgeousness i feel when my Mummy Friends show off there New All Black Bugaboos just fills that void! haha (yes its alittle sad, but this is Pram Porn!)

So one night i was casually “Window Shopping” on eBay and came across a Listing for a super duper bargain Bugaboo Bee+ Chassis in silver. The only Flaw with it was that it had some pretty bad/deep ugly looking scratches well into the metal. (Poor Thing!)

This obviously doesn’t faze me in the slightest and truth be told, i love a little restoration project, i love making old worn out things sparkle again… So i took the plunge and bought it without a hesitation! I decided there and then, that when it arrived to me, i shall make this into my All Black Bugaboo Bee+ 😀

Bugaboo Bee+ Silver Chassis – Before:


Here is How I did it:

The Things that you will need are: (If you click on the links below, you can then purchase them you want too)


The key to any good paint job is Preparation, without good Prep Work, then you can’t guarantee a good finish.

The best way to clean your chassis, is to grab some warm water add a small dollop of washing up liquid and with a clean sponge give the whole chassis a good scrub from top to bottom. Then go back over with clean warm water to get rid of any soap residue…

Make sure that everything is thoroughly dry… Now is the best time to remove everything that can be removed like, wheels, seat unit, basket etc


My Chassis had some pretty bad Ugly Scratches! there were deep and if you ran your fingers over them, there were pretty sharp. Now is the perfect time to take your time and prep your chassis to the best it can be before you start with the paint in order to obtain the best end result. If you don’t have any scratches, then just give your chassis a rub over with 1200 Wet&dry Sandpaper and move onto Masking up.


If you’ve got scratches then start by using the 60 grit rough sandpaper, then use the 100grit which is a medium grade and then finish off with a very fine 120 grit sandpaper until you achieve a lovely smooth finish. Then go over the whole chassis using 1200 grit super fine wet & dry sandpaper to remove the sheen from the protective coating that Bugaboo has added to the metal. This gives the chassis a good key for Primer, give it a good wipe down with a clean wet cloth to remove any dust, grease, dirt etc Let it dry.


after sanding


Now i don’t have any quick smart tips for Masking up!… Its an absolute pain in the Buttocks, its super tedious and seems to take forever to do. But its super duper very important so that you don’t spray paint any of the plastics or moving parts, don’t forget to masking tape underneath everything also, you will be very surprised how far spray paint travels haha Basically cover absolutely everything that you don’t want Paint on, no matter how long you’ve been sat there taping up, don’t be too quick to rush this part to move onto the next step.

Masked up


Primer/undercoat gives the chassis a good coating ready for the top colour coat to stick onto. When its applied it looks abit chalky, this is normal.

Make sure you give the can of Primer a good shake this makes sure all the paint is mixed thoroughly inside. Standing about 20cms away from the chassis, using light short bursts spray a fine coat of primer to avoid runs using a side to side action, allow to dry. Once dry apply another fine coat of primer using up and down actions, allow to dry. Repeat the process until all the chassis has been evenly covered throughout.

If you have encountered some overspray/runs in the primer… just simply wait till the primer is dry, then using your 1200 grit Wet&dry sandpaper lightly rub over the runs to flatten them out.



Literally apply the same manner to spray paint the chassis in the same way that you did the Primer.

Make sure you give the can of Paint a good shake this makes sure all the paint is mixed thoroughly inside. Standing about 20cms away from the chassis, using light short bursts spray a fine coat of paint to avoid runs using a side to side action, allow to dry. Once dry apply another fine coat of primer using up and down actions, allow to dry. Repeat the process until all the chassis has been evenly covered throughout.

The trick to avoiding runs, is not to be too close and give the previous coat of a paint a good amount of time to dry. If its warm then you could get away with about 30minutes between each coat… if its cold and damp then about 1-2hours. Its super important not to rush this process, no matter how eager you are to finish it. It will be worth the wait.

Sprayed Black


Oh doesn’t it look Pretty!!! :D. Once i finished all the coats of paint, i allowed the chassis to dry fully for about 4 days in my very warm conservatory as the paint hardens over 72hours. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the paint wasn’t going to budge when i adjust the handle or fold/unfold the chassis.

I would advise to give the folding arms a very light coating of vaseline to aid in folding the chassis without scratching the paint. It also gives it some lubrication for smooth operation.

All done

close up

Heres a Close up of the chassis, showing how smooth the paint went onto it.

Have you spray painted your Pram chassis? have you tried something else? If you prefer to use a non-permanent method, come and check out my “How to Vinyl your Pram Chassis” Tutorial.

19 thoughts on “How to Spray Paint your Bugaboo Bee+ Chassis Black

  1. haley

    How has the paint held up? Especially on the back where it rubs when you fold the stroller and the handle when you adjust the height?

    1. Leanne

      The paint did get some hairline (very fine) scratches in those areas… but once I lubricated the moving parts, it was a lot better 🙂

    1. Leanne

      no.. you only need to sand your frame if you have really bad deep scratches like I did, so then when you spray your frame, you cant see them x

  2. judith

    Thank you, alot of mum are saying they are having issues with the moving parts ie handle and telescopic fold, how do we overcome this, there is talk that plasti dip may be better? When you think about it if we prime and paint it will make the frame thicker.

    1. Leanne

      im really not sure what plasti dip is? I had no problems folding/unfolding the Bee+ once it was painted. I will say on the first few folds to apply Vaseline on the moving parts just to protect the paint from scuffs. If you try to vinyl a bee its a nightmare! its very thick and within the first or second time using it, the vinyl will rip/tear off… x

  3. jude

    How did you spray under the plastic part that moves up and down when folding and unfolding?
    When the pram is unfolded part of the chassis is covered.
    how did you overcome this?

        1. Leanne

          Yeh I remember taping everything up, it was a nightmare!, but it was much better than having to scrape off paint that went on the plastics :)… Send me some pics if you like: I’d love to have a look 🙂

  4. Libbie

    I used your exact steps to spray my bee+ and it’s come out really well. Well I’m waiting for it to dry as we speak haha. I’m hoping it doesn’t scratch when folded. X

    1. Leanne Post author

      Eeeek… Welldone, Try putting a thin layer of vaseline on the moving parts once dried, this will help to smoothly fold/recline 😀 x

    1. Leanne Post author

      I did find that the folding arms that go inwards on the chassis, got small hairline scratches on the 1st time of folding. I put a thin coating of vaseline on to help the chassis glide better. Should of really done that before i folded it lol, but hindsight is a great thing x

  5. Sarah

    How do your bugaboos look now after a few months of use?? Are they scratched up? Or still looking great?

  6. Colleen

    I just painted my bugaboo cameleon yesterday, and I absolutely love it! Thank you for the great tutorial!
    I would include a picture, but I don’t think I can on this thing?

  7. Hannah Jones

    Hi just wondering as you did this a few months ago is the frame still in good condition? Has it chipped / peeled at all ? I’m thinking about doing my frame but can’t afford to replace it if it goes wrong

    Thanks Hannah


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