How Does Your Garden Grow? Red Pepper Anyone?

This week in our How Does Your Garden Grow? Post features Daultons new red pepper tree/branch/plant (i have no idea of the correct term for it)… But we picked it up from B&Q at a reduced price, so how could we not get it :)…

How does your garden grow red peppers
how does your garden grow with small green peppers
Theres a small green pepper growing and Daulton has been tending to it, watering it and even cleaning it with a cloth awwww… Hes sooo proud of it bless him.

how does your garden grow seedlings have grown
Eeeekkkkkkk we have something popping through!!! i couldnt tell you what they are, as we totally forgot what we had planted :/ ooppps but i guess we iwll get a lovely surprise when there grow some more.

How do your garden grow pink primrose
and how could i resist a Pretty Pink Primrose? I absolutely love the colour of these.

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